4 Hidden Signs That You Might Be Suffering From Anxiety

We all have our ups and downs. That’s life: happy moments filled with laughter and joy, mixed with sad, grey days when nothing feels right. Although many people wish we could be feeling only happiness in our daily lives, in reality, we need painful moments to appreciate the value of life whenever it’s good again.

However, often those sad, difficult days become weeks and then months. Your problems are rising, breathing gets more challenging, thoughts rumble in your head; you get stressed, nervous, overwhelmed… If that’s exactly what’s happening in your life right now, that’s the ultimate sign that your mental health needs help as you might be suffering from some type of anxiety. And an anxiety disorder – contrary to what is said in social media – is an illness much more complex than just being stressed.

Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorders

Doctors say that the feeling of anxiety is normal. In fact, we all are bound to feel more stressed at times. If you’re just feeling a bit down, and your stress is connected to one specific event or state, discovering www.selfdevelopmentsecrets.com might help get you back on track. As you clearly define your goals, develop new passions, and learn specific techniques to lead your personal life, you can feel better.

However, if the tension takes a toll on a person’s daily life and becomes unbearable, this might mean that they suffer from an anxiety disorder. There are many types of those: social anxiety, panic disorder, and phobia-related disorders, just to name a few. What they all have in common is an overwhelming effect on a person’s life, disabling them to live peacefully.

The tricky part is that the signs pointing to an anxiety disorder are very often hidden, so you might not even notice them until the problem gets too big. If you think you might be suffering from some sort of anxiety, don’t wait until your mental illness gets worse – better check your symptoms now and contact the doctor to get the proper treatment.

What are those hidden symptoms, you might ask?

Stressing Out 

Worrying, of course, is a part of human nature. Whenever you are bound to experience a difficult challenge or obstacle – either in work or social life – your body may respond to that with high stress and panic levels. It’s perfectly normal that if something is important to you, your mind might get filled up with a series of “what ifs.”

However, anxiety can cause you to have severe panic attacks very often and over improbable or trivial matters. If you realize your stress and anxiety don’t stem from the event’s importance and force your mind to visualize events that have no chance of happening, you might be experiencing one of the signs of anxiety.


Inability to Relax

One of the most common anxiety symptoms is the body’s inability to relax. Suppose you’re in a stressful situation; a completely healthy individual could ease their mind by taking a few deep breaths or a moment of mindfulness or meditation.

Unfortunately, people with anxiety will find it much harder to relieve stress. Although they might know all the relaxing techniques and have their beloved ones’ support, their bodies will simply refuse to ease down. Unfortunately, the same goes for relaxing through sleeping – people with anxiety disorders might have a hard time falling asleep and often lack regular sleep patterns.

Muscle Tension

If you’re wondering whether you’re suffering from anxiety, closely observe how your muscles behave in moments of low stress. If you notice that your jaw is continuously clenched and your fists balled, it’s a sign that you might need anxiety treatment. 

Digestion Problems

People suffering from anxiety might have problems with digestion, too. In that case, the situation will be much more severe than just a hurting tummy. If you’re suffering from chronic indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, or have severely diminished appetite and the feeling of a stomach in knots, you might be suffering from anxiety. 

Contact a Good Doctor

The list of possible anxiety symptoms could go on and on; one thing they all have in common is that they make daily life hard and unbearable. And life definitely shouldn’t be about hurting. 

So if you feel troubled, whether mentally or physically, and strongly suspect that it might be anxiety, don’t wait for the sign from the heavens (or consider this article a sign). Step out of your comfort zone and ask professionals for help. Doctors can and will help you – that’s exactly what they’re here for. Anxiety is a real, serious problem, so don’t minimize it and don’t allow other people to do it too. We keep our fingers crossed for you! 

Małgorzata Koch