The 10 Cutest Animal Videos on TikTok of All Time

What a year. When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, it won’t put an end to all our problems, but at least it’ll feel like we made it. There’s a vaccine rolling out for COVID; the election will be behind us; we can focus on what fresh disasters await us in 2021. We get it—worrying about the future is anxiety-inducing. But thankfully, 2020 generated a booming industry to cure what ails your fretful mind—the blessed cute animal videos on TikTok. Turn off your brain for the next thirty minutes and check out these videos of the cutest animals on social media.

Time Warp Scan

The Time Warp Scan is one of the most fun filters that TikTok has released in recent months, which works kind of like a long exposure on an olden times camera. While content creators and influencers work hard to generate funny videos for TikTok followers, cute animals such as dogs do it effortlessly. Our favorites are when they get an assist for their humans to become super-long and super-tall.

Cutest Pets Compilation

One of the best parts about TikTok is that people can share the personality quirks of their pets. Everyone’s cats and dogs are weird, but each in their own unique and adorable ways. We’re obsessed with watching other people’s pets’ bizarre behavior.

Lions and Tigers

You’d think that people would have a different takeaway from the year of Tiger King. There are plenty of creators on TikTok that are hanging out with cute and exotic animals. It’s worth noting, there are currently more tigers in captivity in the United States than in the wild in the rest of the world. While they’re cute, these big cats are never “domesticated”; one volunteer at Carole Baskin’s sanctuary got their arm ripped off by a tiger.

Best Parrots on TikTok

It’s hard to believe that parrots have the intellect of a toddler when you look at their creepy, unblinking eyes. But you watch the birb side of TikTok, and they seem more like petulant roommates than pets.

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no no no

Capone’s “Oh No” is the soundtrack to a lot of moments of sudden understanding on videos that are published on TikTok. It’s even funnier when the look of realization and horror is on the face of a super cute animal. Watch this compilation of dogs, cats, and even frogs and seagulls have a sudden awareness of their downfall forever memorialized on TikTok.

Skateboarding Dogs

We have so many follow-up questions. Can you teach any dog to skateboard? How? Why are they so good at it? Not only can these pups skateboard, but they also do it while wearing costumes, goggles, and backpacks.

Funniest Dogs

Sure, we’re programmed to pack-bond with anything from vacuum cleaners to our coffee makers. Still, you have to admit that the dogs in this compilation seem to have a sense of humor about life. Whether they’re digging a hole under a fence to hang out with their friends or barking along with a marching polka band, their good-natured spirits are unphased by the dumpster fire of 2020.

Cutest Reptiles

While not everyone is a reptile fan, the cute animal videos on TikTok can make you familiar with an array of species, from little geckos to Komodo dragons and boa constrictors. The reptile side of TikTok is filled with creators who want to share facts about their favorite cold-blooded friends with their followers.

Cutest Dogs

From tiny puppies to the goodest old dogs, this compilation will remind you of why we love dogs so much. It’s TikTok creators capturing the cutest moments and crazy hijinks from their furry best friends.

Best Ferret Content

Ferrets land somewhere between a gerbil and a cat in terms of size and required care, but they have big personalities. It’s hard not to be charmed by them, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to see the PBS documentary Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence. The Modern Ferret on TikTok generates adorable content that’ll make you want a ferret friend of your own.

Cutest Animal TikTok Photo Credit: The Modern Ferret on Facebook