Why Escapism Has Never Been So Important

Escapism has always been important to provide relief from the daily grind of life, providing a break from trouble such as personal problems, financial stress or bereavement. When the first reports of the novel coronavirus, now known as COVID-19 hit the news, few of us could have imagined how it would impact our lives. But in these troubled times, it has meant that escapism has never been so important.

Forms of escapism

Escapism can take many forms and the most effective type is very much a personal choice. Some like to lose themselves in a good book, while others enjoy listening to music. Movies and TV series are also highly popular forms of escapism, allowing the viewer to escape for a while to the events, times and worlds portrayed. Even viewing more ‘ordinary’ life can be escapism if we consider the popularity of the soap opera, where the everyday, sometimes dramatic lives, of a group of people keep us entertained.

Gaming has long been a common form of escapism and now that games can be so easily played on games consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones, it is more popular than ever. As a highly immersive and interactive experience, gaming allows the players to build worlds, race cars or explore outer space, to name but a few options. Casino games such as those offered at kasyno online wpłata blik have become increasingly sophisticated, offering a wide variety of games and an experience that is both satisfying and challenging to take you away from daily life for a while. 

Releasing pressure

In difficult times, worrying can be all-encompassing and the pandemic has thrown up worries to us all. Whether it is worrying about your own health or that of a loved one, facing unexpected bereavement or financial concerns as the pandemic hit businesses, the uncertainties of these last years have been difficult for virtually everyone. In times of lockdown, loneliness too has been a problem for many as they are forced to be separated from family, friends and colleagues, meaning that the multi-player aspect of online gaming has allowed people to stay connected to their loved ones even when they cannot physically meet.

Boost to mental health

Stress, loneliness, anxiety and loss can all play havoc with our mental health and among the problems the pandemic has caused, is an increase in mental health problems. It has also meant that one of the most popular forms of escapism – the vacation has become more difficult and at times impossible. At these times, it is more important than ever to give ourselves a break from daily life. Even when we lack the energy to do anything, binge-watching a series can provide a useful respite. 

Escapism is not a fix for the problems. When the game is lost or won, the book says ‘The End’ and a series reaches its final episode, the problems and uncertainties are still there. But by using forms of escapism to take a break from that for a while, we can return stronger and more mentally prepared to deal with whatever life throws at us.