What to Wear to a Casino: Male and Female Dress Code

For ages, casinos have been places of fun, excitement, jackpots, fat cashouts, and a mad adrenaline rush. They became spots where people can be themselves and get their heads in the game without minding who is watching. For seasoned and newbie gamblers alike, casinos have become top venues to visit often.

As we move from one casino to another across different countries, we’ve noticed numerous differences in how people dress inside. This is contrary to what we see in movies most times, where the players are always in tuxedos and the ladies in elegant evening dresses and heels. Movies have painted a strict picture of how people should dress for casinos. However, over the years, casino dress codes have become more flexible. Unfortunately, movies may not show you all you need to know about dressing up for a casino outing to avoid being turned away at the entrance. 

This article will give you insight into all the possible dress codes to explore if you are planning to visit a particular casino for the first time. No matter your gender, you will find the dressings that will grant you access to any casino at all times. To help you pick the appropriate outfit for your first or next visit to a casino, read on.

Factors to Consider

Many factors can affect how a player should dress in a casino. These factors include the time you are visiting the casino, the location of the casino, and the rules and regulations of the casino regarding dressing. However, some dress codes are acceptable no matter the time or place, as they fit perfectly into most casinos’ dress codes.

When visiting a casino for the first time, you need to know the best way to dress up to avoid being denied access. It’s worth noting that what a particular casino considers acceptable dressing may be a no-go area for some other casinos. So, judging by another casino you have visited elsewhere, you might just be turned down at the entrance of another.

And don´t forget, that most casinos allow only people with the age of 21+. Only some allow 18 year olds to gamble.

How to Dress for a Casino as a Man

Your search about what to wear to a casino as a man has brought you to the right place. We will explore the best outfit ideas that will not only grant you access to the casino but also give you an aura of sophistication and class. So, when going for an adrenaline-filled fun time at the casino, here are the nice outfit ideas to try out for the perfect casino touch.

Collared Shirts

In most casinos, you will find people wearing collared shirts no matter what time of the day it is. It’s a versatile style that you can wear with confidence to any casino and be sure of entrance. It can make you look smartly dressed or casual in an elegant manner.

Luckily for you, gone are the days of finding only stuffy collared shirts; lots of collared shirts are now made with stretchable materials, making them feel more comfortable than traditional collared shirts. They also come in different colors that you can pick from to complement the color of your pants and shoes. Neutral colors are much preferable as they can go with a wide range of colors and also help you to appear bold while playing your favorite casino games. You might want to avoid brightly colored and patterned collared shirts if you want to appear very daring.

During the cold seasons, collared shirts might appear rather uncomfortable as the weather grows colder. This is why the idea of combining a collared shirt with a clean sweater is quite popular during the cold months. This will ensure that you have fun without the cold interfering with your game.

Button-Down Shirts

Do you find collared shirts a bit too formal? You can try a button-down shirt as it will give you a more refined casual look. Just like collared shirts, button-down shirts can be styled to give a touch of sophistication and a casual look. There are plenty of options available to you in the button-down shirt category, like Oxford shirts and other stylish ones. It will define your physique and help you showcase those muscles to give you the aura of a macho guy in charge. So, it’s a plus for those with an athletic physique and those who want to appear a bit more muscular in a casino, as button-down shirts are slim-fitting.

You can order one if you don’t have one already, as there are lots of online shops with nice button-down shirts in stock. However, it is always advisable to try them on before buying any to prevent the incident of getting a wrongly sized one for yourself.

Suits and Ties

Back to the perfect casino settings in our favorite movie, where almost all the men are smartly dressed in suits and ties. This will automatically make you appear as sophisticated as a new high roller in a casino. This outfit is acceptable in all the casinos but it is not necessarily the best outfit for a casino outing.

Neutral-colored ties are perfect for any casino setting as they can complement a wide range of colors. Another tip is to choose a tie with the perfect size for you, which is another reason to try them out in person before purchasing any. Also, the need to wear shoes of matching color is very important if looking like the badass high roller from your favorite movie is the goal. Let the colors of everything you are wearing complement each other.

Stylish Pants

You might be wondering if you can wear stylish pants like denim to casinos. While jeans may not be one of the top dress codes in casinos, you can still wear black jeans and appear as semi-formal as you want to. Blue jeans may not be allowed in some clubs because of how street chic it can make one look instead of the formal look you are opting for.

Apart from black jeans, you can go for other stylish pants like chinos. Because of advancements in the textile industry, there are stretchy chino materials. So, you will likely be more comfortable in them, plus you won’t have to worry about the hassle of trying to wear hard-textured pants like denim. However, you should choose neutral-colored chinos that will give you an air of smartness. They will also help you to combine your pants with shirts of different colors and textures. There are other stylish pants that you can go for, like classic bongo trousers which give one an aura of a 1990s man with class.

Dress Shoes

Again, we have to emphasize the fact that what is acceptable in one casino may not be acceptable in another casino. However, any shoe that is suitable for formal and semi-formal events can be worn to a casino. As a man, you have a few options to choose from when planning to visit a casino; these options include leather boots, loafers, suede boots, and business shoes.

Picking out the right shoes for your next visit to the casino is as important as picking out the right clothes to wear. The type of dress shoes you wear goes a long way in leaving a good impression on your fellow gamers and can increase their reverence for you; because the right shoes will boost your confidence and gamers know when they see a fellow gamer with confidence in themselves.

What Are You Not Allowed to Wear to a Casino?

Since you already know what to wear to a casino as a man, we will talk about what to wear to a casino as a woman in a little while. But before then, there are outfits that you should avoid if a casino is your next destination. Even though the dress code differs from one casino to another, some outfits may likely earn you a red card as you approach the entrance. These include:


Despite how comfortable sneakers make many people feel, they are one of the shoes to avoid when going to a casino. Although some casinos may allow you to wear sneakers inside, most casinos would never allow that. So, if you don’t know what is acceptable in the casino you are about to visit and have no way of finding out, then stay away from sneakers to avoid getting disappointed.

Lots of casinos in the US would deny you entrance if you appear wearing sneakers. Even if you are fortunate enough to find a casino that accepts sneakers, you should never appear there in dirty ones. A dirty appearance is a total no for casinos, so if you must wear one, ensure that it is very clean.


This is not absolute, as T-shirt acceptance in casinos varies from one place to another. However, if you want to be on the safer side, try to check out the rules concerning dressing in that casino before storming it in a T-shirt. Or, you can consider other safer and more comfortable alternatives to T-shirts.

In warmer seasons, you can go for a short-sleeved button-down shirt instead. This will make you feel more comfortable than the traditional long-sleeved button-down shirts. It will also help you to flash some of those arm muscles you have been working so hard on. Note; the sleeve must be decent enough, as indecent dressings are highly prohibited in casinos.


First of all, if you are trying to achieve a very formal and formidable look, sandals will never let you succeed. This is one of the reasons to stay away from sandals whether you are a man or woman on your way to a casino. Also, it is highly prohibited in most casinos, so you might just get turned away when you appear there in sandals.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to showcase your hot body and probably distract your opponents in a casino. However, swimwear is not allowed in casinos. There are other classy ways of flashing your hot body without appearing indecent or breaking the casino rules. So, just in case you are lodging in a hotel with the casino, there is no quick run from the swimming pool to the casino in your swimwear. You might need to change into something more appropriate before you will be allowed into the casino.

Sports Clothing

Even though the excitement and adrenaline rush of playing casino games make it feel like you are taking part in a sporting activity, sports clothing is a big no. Wearing outfits like tracksuits and workout clothes will ensure that you are denied access. So you might want to leave those sporting outfits at home or in your hotel room before heading to a casino.

Clothing That’s Too Revealing

The need to keep parts of your body that are considered private covered when going to a casino cannot be over-emphasized. Whether you are a man or woman, wearing sleeveless outfits and others that appear too revealing will get you turned down at the entrance. See-through outfits are prohibited in casinos, and you might also want to ensure that your feet are well covered. There are lots of clothing ideas that ladies can rock to casinos to appear all alluring and classy without being turned away at the entrance.

Casual Casino Outfits for Ladies; What Should You Wear

Pulling off a classy look as a woman is very easy with the right combination of clothes. Mixing the right-colored pants and skirts with the right-colored blouses will go a long way in showcasing your feminine charms in a casino. You can appear well-relaxed in any of these;

Dress Pants

Since casinos are the perfect places to dress all formal or semi-formal, dress pants are perfect options for women. Pair these pants with a matching blouse and shoes, and you are ready to visit any casino. For fashion-conscious women, you can choose heels that will add more touch of class and appeal to their look.


The evening dresses that are floor-length like the ones you see in movies are perfect for a casino night but not limited to that. You can go for other types of dresses like dresses in bright colors or even multiple colors if it is not prohibited in that casino. Wearing neutral-colored dresses may make you appear more rigid than you plan to, so dresses with more playful colors can be considered.


While dresses are a bit rigid because you may not be able to pair them with other colored outfits, blouses are flexible and versatile. You can combine blouses with pants and skirts of different colors. They may even feel more comfortable to wear than dresses in some cases.


Jeans are good options as they make women appear smart and gamed, which is why some casinos allow smart jeans but these casinos are few. So wearing smart jeans to a new casino you do not know its rules may be a wrong idea. If you must, wear black jeans and ensure you check out the casino’s website to know if jeans are allowed before going there.

Casino Outfit Ideas for Men

Knowing what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a casino will enable you to shop for the right clothes for a casino visit. Also, it will help you to pack only the needed outfits when planning to stay in a hotel with a casino. You can combine any of the following when visiting a casino as a man:

Chelsea Boots, Smart Pants, and a Collared Shirt

A well-polished Chelsea boot will go a long way in making you appear smart in a casino. No matter how classic the idea of Chelsea boot sounds, it is still a perfect choice when visiting a casino. You can pair it with smart pants and a well-ironed collared shirt for the perfect gentle gamer’s look. Choosing a dark-colored Chelsea boot like brown or black will ensure that they match your smart pants and collared shirt.

Button-Down Shirt, Black Slim-Fit Pants, and Dress Shoes

Slim-fitting black pants combined with a button-down shirt is one of the many options for you if you want to appear all smart. Complete the smart look with a pair of dress shoes and walk into any casino with confidence in your appearance.

Tucked-In Collared Shirt, Smart Pants, and Loafers

A tucked-in collared shirt has a way of making one appear very smart and ready to smash the game in a casino. Mix it with a matching smart pant and loafers. You will be impressed with your appearance in the mirror even before anyone gets the chance to complement you.

Turtleneck, Black Pants, and Chelsea Boots

This combo goes well for the colder months. A neutral-colored turtleneck like white, mixed with black pants will give you the look you desire. The black pants can be chinos or other materials that make you comfortable. Complete the look with well-polished Chelsea boots.

What is the Typical Vegas Casino Dress Code?

So many casinos in Las Vegas are liberal in their dress code. They allow you to wear decent outfits that you are comfortable in, so long as you don’t take their liberality for granted. It’s worth mentioning that even though Las Vegas casinos are liberal, they differ in their level of liberality. During the day, casinos might allow you to dress more casually. But going to casinos in the evening means that you have to stick to the casino’s dress format. Also, no matter how casual you are allowed to appear in a Las Vegas casino, you must remember to appear neat because dirtiness is a total no.

To Conclude

Now that you know what you should and what you should not wear to a casino, remember that these dress codes are not absolute. Before visiting any casino, ensure to check out their dress codes on their official websites to avoid getting turned away. Also, remember that casinos are meant to be fun. So, you should avoid anything that might interfere with the level of fun you can have, such as outfits that are not convenient. Pick the outfits that are allowed in the casino, comfortable on your body, and fit perfectly into your budget. Enjoy your casino experience!

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