Casinos that Accept 18 Year Olds in the United States 

eIn the gambling world, the United States of America is one of the countries that promote responsible gambling. There are laws put in place to curb underage gambling all through the different states in the country. However, these states do not have the same age limit for gambling, making it difficult to determine the gambling options available to young adults. 

To help you find the best place where you can enjoy the thrills of gambling in the United States, we have made a list of the casinos that accept 18 year olds. So, whether you have a fancy for a racetrack, sportsbook, or casino, we have highlighted the venues to visit in the States. 

Apart from the gambling venues, there are different age limits attached to different gambling activities as you move from one state to another. This is why we have magnified the activities that you can enjoy in these venues as an 18 year old. So stay hooked on this page as we take a ride into the gambling world in the United States. 


Gambling age: 18

Even though the official gambling age in Kentucky is 18, no commercial casino will accept 18 year old gamblers. This makes it difficult for them to enjoy casino games like slot machines and different variants of table games. But, horse racing facilities in the states are open for 18 year olds and above to enjoy the thrills of sports betting. So you can place bets on your anticipated game outcomes and still enjoy the adrenaline rush of gambling as a sports bettor. 

Where in Kentucky can you enjoy these gambling experiences?

Churchill Downs

Address: number 700, Central Avenue, Louisville, ID 40208, USA. 

Telephone; (502) 636 4400

This is a must-visit venue for any 18 year old in Kentucky who wants to take part in sports betting. It is famous for its up-to-date horse racing facilities that host the Derby Triple Crown race, which is one of the biggest horse races in the world. The venue also has lots of fun activities that you can participate in, apart from horse racing.

The food also tastes nice, which is one of the many attractions to the venue that keep it busy all through the year. It’s not just a home of horse racing and sports betting, it is also a famous house of entertainment. 


Gambling age: 18-21 

Over the years, California has managed to gain and maintain the title of being a home for tribal gambling. As there are lots of casinos that accept 18 year olds that want to enjoy the excitement that can only come from gambling. However, the gambling laws in California forbid anyone under the age of 21 from drinking alcohol. So, 18 year olds in the gambling houses may have to be exempted from the thrills that alcohol and gambling combo brings. This in turn has made commercial gambling venues turn those that are below 21 years old away. 

So, with the strong link between gambling and drinking, where can you enjoy gambling as an 18 year old? 

San Manuel Casino 

Address: Number 777 San Manuel Blvd, Highland, California 92346, USA. 

Telephone: +1909 864 5050 

Famous for its state of the art gambling facilities, San Manuel is one of the leading tribal casinos in the state. It is known for offering generous credit to gamblers who have the eagerness to start gambling but may be low on credit. So, it’s a perfect place to kick off your gambling career with little or no credit. 

It’s known for its rich game collection as gamblers of 18 and above can enjoy lots of slots and table games. San Manuel’s facilities have a vault, Lotus 8 Palace, and a High Limit Room to increase the thrill of using this venue. Also, there are measures put in place in this venue to ensure responsible gambling because the interest of the gamblers is one of their prime concerns here. 

Coyote Valley Casino 

Address: Number 77 BIA Road, Redwood Valley, California 95470, USA. 

Telephone: +1707 485 0700

This venue is a big deal in the gambling world for so many reasons. First, it offers free fuel for gamblers who drive, lots of free food, lots of free play time, and incredible entertainment offered freely. Gamblers with a flare for table games, slots, and jackpots always have loads of reasons to visit Coyote Valley regularly because they offer the best of these games. 

It welcomes novices and 18 year olds as its gambling facilities are novice-friendly. Regardless of your prior experience, this is a good place to start your gambling career as you can easily blend in and play a variety of casino games.

Barona Resort & Casino 

Address: Number 1932 Wildcat Canyon Road, Lakeside, California 192040, USA. 

Telephone: +1619 443 2300

This is another casino that accept 18 year old near me. It offers over 75 table games and 2,500 thrilling slot machines to keep your adrenalin rush on the high. One of the most delightful things about this casino is that it passes a non-smoking law to all its players and visitors, putting it on the list of the largest non-smoking places in the state. 

The moment you step into this venue, you are in for all-round entertainment as the facility here is designed to make your visit worthwhile. The Welcome-Home arena here is about 80,000 square feet, so even if gambling is not a thing for you, it’s still a place of entertainment for everyone 18 years and above. 


Gambling age: 18

Idaho is another state that gives 18 year olds the liberty of enjoying a great gambling experience. Gambling activities like sports betting, bingo, races, and lotteries are available, giving young adults from the age of 18 the chance to hit the jackpot at an early stage in life. Currently, the number of slot games played in Idaho is over 4,500, spread across more than 13 casinos.

Some of the 18+ casino near me in Idaho are;

Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel 

Address: Number 777 Bannock Road, Pocatello, Idaho 83202, USA. 

Telephone: +1208 238 4800 

This casino doubles as a hotel, so all its facilities are top-notch which helps them to get customers. It has all that you can ask for to make your stay as pleasurable as you wish. This makes Shoshone-Bannock casino a place to be, not just for gamblers but for everyone 18 years and above. 

It is home to over 800 video games that you can play with the most beginner-friendly game facility in the world. Low stakers and beginners will find this venue very relaxing as there are not just free games but there are also games you can play with low stakes. High rollers also have the special option of enjoying exclusive casino games together. 

Its game category is listed online for all to see, so you can check online to see if your favorite casino game is listed before going there. You can also take advantage of the casino to enjoy gambling as a traveler when you book the hotel. 

Coeur d’Alene Casino 

Address: Number 37914 Nukwalqw Street, Worley, Idaho 83876, USA. 

Telephone: +1800 523 2464

If you have just turned 18 and looking forward to having an unforgettable gambling experience, Coeur is your sure venue. It does not just accept 18 years and above, it’s also home to a variety of games like bingo, video games, and table games. In this venue, the fun is endless as every moment spent playing games here is a moment of enchanting excitement. 

It is a good place to start gambling as soon as you turn 18 and are interested in the gambling world. It has one of the best casino hosts in the state, to help you get a hold of the tricks in gambling. As a bonus, this casino offers lots of events, a spa, and a golf course to keep your experience in the place nothing short of fun. 

It also offers hotel rooms and services to traveling gamblers and those who want to stay longer in the casino to enable them to gamble more. 

Sage Hill Casino 

Address: Number 843 N Treaty Hwy, Blackfoot, Idaho 83221, USA. 

Telephone: +1208 237 8774 

Another casinos 18 and up near me is the Sage Hill Casino. It offers lots of slot machines and table games to players 18 years and above. It is not just a regular casino, it has combined great gambling experience and other thrilling things to make your stay worthwhile. The menu here is great and it offers a quick play to gamblers. 

So if gambling and enjoying lots of other goodies at the same time is the real deal for you, then Sage Hill Casino is a place for you. 


Gambling age: 18 

Gambling has found a permanent home in Michigan as its laws favor numerous gambling activities such as casino games and sports betting. The criteria for gambling is to be up to 18 years or above and the doors of every gambling center will be opened for you. 

Michigan is one of the best places to enjoy casino games in the US as you can find casinos to enjoy thrilling games with ease. You do not even need to start heading out of the state soon in search of other games as you can find lots of casino games here. This has given Michigan the reputation of being one of the best places to gamble in the United States. 

Turtle Creek Casino & Hotel 

Address: 7741 M-72, Williamsburg, Michigan 49690, USA. 

Telephone: +1231 534 8870 

Whether it’s gambling or just gaming that you have in mind, this hotel has all you need. All the gambling facilities here are available to anyone 18 years and above, so there is no limit to the fun here. Over the years, this casino has gained a reputation of being one of the best in the states as players have lots of good testimonies to give about here. 

Another fascinating thing about this venue is its 56,000 square feet area that has numerous slot machines. Reels get more real in this home of reels and video games as lots of players of different ages from 18 and above are always seen soaking in the excitement of the reels. Also, you can enjoy other popular variations of games like video poker and keno. 

Table game players are always seen in this venue enjoying the excitement of games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and so many others. So long as you are ready for a casino experience, this venue guarantees an exciting experience. 

It is also a perfect weekend getaway spot as it offers other forms of entertainment apart from gaming or gambling. Its dining facilities are top-notch and the environment is serene and suitable for anyone who wants a quiet and relaxing moment. 

What’s more? This venue offers a promo to all its players who wish for more playtime.

FireKeepers Casino Hotel 

Address: Number 1932 Wildcat Canyon Road, Lakeside, USA.

Telephone: +1619 443 2300 

The gaming experience just got better with this casino as it offers a loyalty program to its regular players. The only requirement is to be 18 years or above and you will be qualified to play any of its games that catches your fancy. The gaming facilities available here are advanced and user friendly, to enable newbie players to quickly learn the tricks of every game. 

Its most outstanding feature is its promo. It offers VIP membership and other promos to give its players an edge even before they start playing. Players can get casino credit when their bankrolls get low, to enable them to enjoy non-stop playtime. The credit can be used to enjoy games like slots, bingo, Dacey’s sportsbook, keno, poker, and video poker. So, you have no excuse for not playing games. 

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort 

Address: Number 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd, Mount Pleasant, Michigan 48858, USA.

Telephone: +1989 775 5777 

For over 40 years, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort has been in the business of providing thrilling gambling experiences to players in Michigan. It has gained quite a reputation among gamblers which is why it comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a good venue to get in the game. It offers loads of games such as bingo, table games, slots, and poker. 

This venu offers lots of promotions and freebies to its players. There is a VIP service for people in the VIP Access Club which anyone up to 18 years of age can be a part of. You can apply for casino credit to boost your playtime when your credit is running low. 

It is also a perfect place for business meetings and getaways as it offers state of the art dining facilities and spas. 


Gambling age: 18 

Oklahoma is another state with casinos that accept 18 year olds in the US. It has quite a number of casinos that offer nice gambling facilities to keep gamblers hooked on the game. Any 18 years and above with an interest in the gambling world have lots of commercial casinos to choose from in Oklahoma. 

Currently, there are over 143 casinos in the state. However, we will only talk about the top 3 casinos here, to help you pick only the best. For your best pick, check out our top three picks from the numerous casinos in Oklahoma. 

WinStar World Casino and Resort 

Address: Number 777 Casino Avenue, Thackerville, Oklahoma 73459, USA. 

Telephone: +1800 622 6317 

This venue offers one of the best gaming facilities in the world, plus its flexible playtime, little wonder almost all Oklahoma gamers know the venue. You will find all kinds of exotic game breeds from all over the world in this casino to pick from. There are over 200 titles in the table and electronic games to keep you thrilled all through your time in the casino. 

Its 400,000 sq. ft gaming floor is one of the largest you can find anywhere in the world. The venue boasts over 50 poker rooms and other thrilling games for you to make your pick from. You will also find its dining amenities quite impressive for your next holiday relaxation plans. 

Fire Lake Grand Casino Shawnee 

Address: Number 777 Grand Casino Blvd, Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804, USA. 

Phone: +1405 964 7777 

Another popular location among gamblers in Oklahoma is the Fire Lake Grand Casino. It stands out among the crowd for so many reasons, one of them is for being accessible for young adults up to 18 years of age. 

Both the high rollers and the low rollers are treated with equal respect in this casino as you can play with the smallest possible bankroll. There are lots of promotions that every player can benefit from and increase their chances of winning big. The constant poker tournament is one of the largest you can find in Oklahoma, and it gets more exciting each time you participate. 

Choctaw Casino Durant 

Address: Number 4216 US-69, Durant, Oklahoma 74701, USA. 

Phone: +1580 920 0160 

The third but not the least of the top three casinos that accept 18 year olds in Oklahoma is the Choctaw Casino. It offers various variants of popular casino games, making it a must-visit spot for players in Oklahoma who want to access a rich collection of casino games. To make it even better, Choctaw Casino has multiple locations in Oklahoma, making it very accessible to all. 

With 26 tables in the poker room and over 4,300 slots to choose from, the excitement is endless. Racebook is also available alongside three card poker, craps, blackjack, roulette, and lots more. If state of the art amenities are things that catch your fancy, you will enjoy the entertainment and dining amenities here quite incredibly. 


Gambling age: 18 

Even though the gambling laws in this state permit 18 year olds and above to gamble, there are still some restrictions in some venues. Young people up to 18 years old are allowed to take part in gambling activities such as sports betting and lotteries. This is why we have listed the best casinos in Minnesota that allow 18 year olds to enjoy their rights without unnecessary restrictions. These casinos are

Grand Falls Casinos & Golf Resort 

Address: Number 1415 Grand Falls Blvd, Larchwood, IA 51241, USA. 

Telephone: +1712 777 7777

This casino is a good place to get your head in the game and hit the big win. It has lots of gaming activities for any player, so you will find a game to play no matter the category of casino games you love. It boasts numerous slot machines all over its large gaming floor to keep any slot player coming back regularly for more excitement. 

There are other games like table games, poker, and sports betting facilities to keep the adrenaline rushing. This casino offers various promos and loyalty programs to its regular players to increase their chances of winning. 

You will find other side attractions in this venue such as golf courses and event centers for your next big event or meeting.

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

Address: Number 2400 Mystic Lake Boulevard NW, Prior Lake, Minnesotab55372, USA.

Telephone: +1800 262 7799

The equipment in this venue has been deliberately put in place to give any gambler a casino thrill. It’s one of the popular gamblers’ spots in Minnesota with a large playground and state of the art game facilities. The games are breeds of high rollers’ and low rollers’ games, so no matter your bankroll, there is a game for you in this venue. 

With different game titles to choose from, you can enjoy keno, bingo, jackpot slots, blackjack, and table games. If you need to extend your playtime beyond a day, there are nice hotel rooms in this venue for booking here. Other fun spots like a spa and golf course are here too, to make your stay worthwhile.

Grand Hinckley Inn 

Address: Number 777 Lady Luck Dr, Hinckley, Minnesota 55037, USA.

Telephone: +1800 468 3517 

This is another venue that accepts 18 year old players in Minnesota. While at the venue, you can enjoy other activities such as golf and a relaxing time at the spa. There are lots of rooms to serve for your next family or friends’ weekend getaway and holiday.

The games you can enjoy here include slots, bingo, blackjack, poker, and lots more. If you are looking for a place to hit the jackpot in Minnesota, Grand Hinckley Inn is one of the best places to visit as there will always be huge jackpots to win here. 

Rhode Island 

Gaming age: 18 

The list of places for players to have a swell time in the US is not complete without the mention of Rhode Island. There are lots of commercial gambling venues in this state that accept players 18 years and above. There are lots of casinos on our list but we will look at the best two casinos here. 

Tiverton Casino Hotel 

Address: number 777 Tiverton Casino Boulevard, Tiverton, Rhode Island 02878, USA. 

Telephone: +1401 816 6000

Due to the splendor of this venue, one would not be wrong to call it one of the beauties of Rhode Island. Its facilities are not just top notch, there are lots of games to keep gamblers excited for as long as they are there. The popular games in this casino include popular titles in table games and slots. 

All you need to do to join the players club in this venue is to be 18 years old or above. This venue has a history of lots of wins, so you can start your gambling career as an 18 year old in this venue with a track record of hosting Lady Luck. 

Twin River Casino Hotel

Address: Number 100 Twin River Road, Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865, USA.

Telephone: +1401 723 3200 

This is a casino that offers non-stop excitement all around the clock. It has no closing hour, so any time you show up is a good time to get your head in the game and win something big for yourself. The facilities here are also of premium quality, so you will find everything around you to your liking. 

You can play games like social casino, slots, racebook, table games, and sports betting here. You can also get casino credit here on request, to ensure that a low bankroll does not affect the fun you are set to have at the gaming facility.

The playground is also a large smoke-free zone, with loads of free games, VIP parking space, free food, and lots more.


Gambling age: 18

Wyoming is a home of tribal casinos and many gaming facilities. It is a good place to enjoy premium game facilities as soon as you clock 18. The gambling law in this state is very flexible and allows players to enjoy drinks while playing. 

Little Wind Casino 

Address: Number 800 Blue Sky HWY, Ethete, Wyoming 82520, USA.

Telephone: +1307 438 7000

If a tribal casino is a sure thing for you, here is the perfect venue for you to visit. The gaming area is lined up with gaming machines of all kinds to make you enjoy every moment here. It offers a reward club program to regular players who want to gain more experience and also win more in this casino. Other things you will find thrilling in this casino are the entertainment, the food and beverages, and the premium quality amenities available at your disposal. 

Wind River Hotel & Casino 

Address: Number 180 Red, Wolf Creek Dr, Riverton, Wyoming 82501, USA.

Telephone: +1307 855 2600 

The Wind River Hotel & Casino is one of those places in Wyoming that have stood out in the gaming world. It is stocked up with all kinds of gaming facilities to ensure that there is something for every player, no matter their favorite game category. It has numerous slot machines and other game facilities.

This venue also has lots of entertainment in stock for everyone. Apart from the gaming facilities, the food and drinks are another side attraction. 


Gambling age: 18 

Tennessee has flexible gambling laws that allow anyone up to 18 years of age to gamble and have swell time. This has given the state lots of revenue as so many gamblers participate in one gambling activity to another all through the year. However, you have to take your gambling activity online as there is no popular gambling venue in Tennessee yet. 


Gambling age: 18

Even though the gambling laws in Washington allow 18 year olds to gamble, commercial casinos in the state have decided to raise the age limit to 21 years. This is why we have taken time to identify those facilities that allow 18 year olds to enjoy their rights to gamble in Tennessee. 

12 Tribes Resort and Casino Hotel 

Address: Number 28968 US-97, Omak, Washington 9884, USA. 

Telephone: +1800 559 4643 

18 year olds in Tennessee can head to this casino anytime as they grant access to any player up to the state gambling age of 18. It offers lots of thrilling games and good chances of winning big jackpots. Every moment in this venue is worth it as the facilities are top notch and the staff are ever helpful and polite. 

Legends Casino 

Address: Number 580 Fort Road, Toppenish, Washington 98948, USA. 

Telephone: +1509 865 8800 

The Legend Casino is here to bring to you all the legendary games you have heard of but never had the opportunity to play. You will be able to play all the casino games that have made huge gamblers in the high rollers category huge over the years. There are 1,500 slot machines shipped in from different countries all over the world, to offer you the most exotic slot games you have ever played. Other games are also available, alongside recreation and entertainment for everyone. 

Lucky Eagle Casino

Address: Number 12888 188th Avenue SW, Rochester, Washington 98579, USA.

Telephone: +1800 720 1788

Another casino that accept 18 year old near me in Washington is the Lucky Eagle Casino. A venue for new gamblers up to the age of 18 to try their luck and win huge prizes. The game collections are rich and the facilities are beginner-friendly to help newbies grab on fast. 

The play arena boasts lots of gaming amenities such as 1,200 slot machines amongst others. There are lots of promos available to all the players, to help them extend their play time without touching their bankrolls. 

Wrapping Up

The United States gambling laws have changed over the years, it has become more flexible than it has been over the years. 18 year old citizens can now have a stake in the big jackpots in casinos and stand a chance of cashing out big time. Unfortunately, some commercial casinos do not agree with these laws as they have raised the gambling age to 21 years.

On this list, you will find all the casinos that accept 18 year old players near you. to help you enjoy your flare for gambling before you clock the age of 21. Take advantage of this list and remember to gamble responsibly. May the best odds be in your favor.  


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