What are the Advantages of Mobile Friendly Casinos?

There are millions of people who use their phones every day for shopping and to scope out the latest entertainment news. Google and other sources now report that over 54 percent of all internet traffic is accessed through mobile phones.

But in the world of online gambling, it’s probably closer to 75 percent or more. And there are plenty of advantages to accessing a mobile-friendly casino from your smartphone.

Look ma, I’m out of the house yet still gambling

The first benefit is that you no longer have to be home-bound to enjoy gambling.

And in fact, you can enjoy your online gambling while sipping a Vanilla Latte at Starbucks, standing in line for an hour or more to snag tickets to your favorite mega rock band, or even discreetly at that oh-so-boring chick flick that your girlfriend cited as a “Woody Allen Masterpiece,” and you haven’t been into Woody since he stopped producing funny movies like Sleeper and Tale Take the Money and Run.

The Sky’s the limit as far as mobile phones are concerned, and punters can and do gamble in all kinds of crazy and unique situations.

You get an hour for lunch but it frequently takes you only 15 minutes to eat

Many people get an hour for lunch but wolf down last night’s leftover pizza in 15 minutes or less.

You can watch TV in the breakroom for the remaining 45 minutes, and watch whatever mindless channel is playing, or you can hop on your phone and play a few games of blackjack or enjoy several spins at becoming a multimillionaire by playing a Mega Moolah slot.

There are no hard facts on the number of people that gamble during breaks and at their lunch hour at work, but it’s got to be in the millions. In fact, we probably gamble more at work than any other location.

Better promotion rewards

Another reason to use your mobile phone to access your favorite gambling site is the rise of mobile casinos. You must go through the latest article of the European Business Review. They covered everything about the best non gamstop casinos.

Mobile casinos are online casinos that specifically cater to those who use mobile devices to gamble, and according to experts, particularly those who are 21 to 34 use their cell phones almost extensively to gamble.

Online casino owners, noting this trend, and being in a very competitive market, are increasingly tailoring their gambling promotions toward smartphone users.

So the plain fact is, if you choose the right casinos, your gambling dollar may just go a lot further when you choose to gamble at a mobile-friendly casino.

Better security

Nowadays, most mobile gamblers do so with apps that instantly connect them with their favorite casino. And since these apps are made available on Google Play and the IOS App Store, these apps have to go through a significant level of checking and meet pretty high standards before they become available for download.

As a result, you can be sure that any online casino app offered on these sites is vetted for security.

You are much less likely to pick up some malware or spybots on your phone if you use a vetted online gambling app.

Tons of free games

In particular, if you are a slot player, the great thing about mobile-friendly casinos is they offer free play on most of the slot games in their casino.

Although there is nothing like the thrill of playing for real money, at the same time, you don’t want to throw your money around playing games that are poorly designed or have louse payouts.

Being able to test online games is an important strategy for many gamblers.

A wider range of payment and transaction methods

With the rise of mobile casinos and apps that can connect you instantly, another benefit of mobile-friendly casinos is a wider amount of payment actions.

Some of these apps are so specific that with one or two taps of your phone, you can connect your credit card with the casino and be instantly ready to gamble.

And because it is much more difficult for hackers to tap into a cellphone than it is for them to access your WiFi at home, you have an added sense of security.

In addition, the latest wrinkle in online gambling is gambling via bitcoin. You can make a deposit to a casino via bitcoin in 5 minutes or less, and if you win, you can get paid your winnings practically instantly as well.

And in addition, since bitcoin and cryptocurrency do not leave a huge paper trail, you can gamble privately.


Young people aged 21 to 35 or so are fantastic at multitasking. They have been multitasking since they were a preteen. So it’s no surprise that when at home they may break up boring tasks such as studying for Thursday’s Biology exam, while at the same time have their phones open to a gambling site.

Even when watching a TV show or movie, they may ignore the incessant commercials by playing a hand or two of blackjack.

A more engaging activity

Let’s face it. There are plenty of periods in the day where you are just totally bored, and even one more Tik Tok funny cat videos

Gambling, however, is extremely engaging, particularly if you are into sport betting as millions are.

If you have $20 bucks riding on the outcome of Sunday’s Green Bay vs Tampa Bay game, it will enhance your enjoyment of the game considerably.

As many gamblers say, winning free money is just about the most engaging activity possible, and that of course is the lure of gambling.

Since mobile phones allow you to access that free money 24 hours per day, adding some online gambling to your lifestyle by a phone can add additional zip to your life and get you out of boredom.

And who knows, if you happen to hit it big on a progressive slot like Mega Moolah, it can bring you unprecedented financial freedom.