Want to Learn German: Here are Some Great Tips to Help You Speak Like a Native in Super Quick Time

German has been a popular language to learn for many years – it’s the most widely spoken language in Europe and has a reputation as one of the great languages of the academic literature of sciences and the arts. If you’re planning to learn German – or have already gotten started – then use the tips below to support your studies and help you get speaking like a native fast!

Get Talking

One of the best ways to learn German is to speak it every single day from the very start. You may feel a little self-conscious at first, but don’t worry, it’ll quickly get easier. If you can, practice discussing with a fellow learner or in a class. There are online forums available, too, specifically to allow language learners to practice their conversation skills.

You could also try listening to an audio of someone speaking some words or phrases in German and then practice repeating them back, trying to pin down the pronunciation. Have a go recording yourself, and then listen back so that you can identify where you’re getting the pronunciation right and what needs a little bit more work.

Short and Sweet

Learning dialogue in short sections is a great way to get speaking the language quickly. A basic German language learning textbook can help you pick up a vast amount of vocabulary and short phrases in this regard if approached in a specific way. So, rather than plowing through chapters or blocks of text, concentrate on just a few passages of dialogue at a time, looking up the meaning of the words as you need to. You could try writing down the new words, too, to better help them ‘stick’ in your memory.

Once you can confidently read and understand the sections of dialogue you’ve chosen, have a go at writing your own similar sentences, perhaps just changing a little bit of vocabulary, to consolidate what you’ve just learned.

Enjoy Subtitled Tv

A great tip to help get you speaking German in record time is to settle back on the sofa and watch some tv shows or movies in the new language! It may sound too good to be true, but viewing in this way can help you both pick up new words and phrases as well as build your confidence in speaking German; it’s also a great way to hear some ‘real world’ conversation and encounter some regional accents, too. You can easily learn German with shows on Netflix – choose a show that takes your fancy and start by watching just ten minutes or so, and build up your viewing over time. 

You could choose to watch the program with the subtitles on or turned off; many learners like to alternate between the two, so find what works for you.

Study in Short Bursts

Although in an effort to speed up your learning, you may be tempted to hit the textbooks or virtual sessions for hours on end, research has shown that most people learn much more effectively when they study for short bursts of time, at regular intervals throughout the day.

This technique is called microlearning, and studies have proved that learning in this way results in an individual typically recalling about 20% more information than those studying ‘traditionally’ for more sustained periods.

To get started using this method, try to fit in about five learning activities at points throughout the day: these sessions should only last around five to fifteen minutes each. Activity ideas include learning ten words of new vocabulary and then having a friend or family member quiz you, reading a short article in German, having a go at a simple word puzzle in German, or taking an online multiple-choice quiz in the new language. 

Make Use of Apps

Getting some language learning apps on board to help you pick up German fast is a great idea and can also help you build learning into your day more easily as they allow for studying on the go!

There is a range of apps to choose from, so pick the ones that suit you and your way of learning best. For example, you could choose a tool that helps you with recall regarding vocab and phrases; or an interactive flashcard style app. Most of these apps are extremely accessible and are designed to make learning fun. So, whether you use a language learning app during your ten-minute train to work every day while relaxing with your morning cup of coffee or during your lunch break, make it fit around you and your lifestyle to see maximum benefit.

Chat With a Native Speaker

One of the best ways to supercharge your language learning is to connect with a native speaker to chat regularly. This will not only build your capabilities but your confidence, too. The ideal way to achieve this is by visiting the country where the language is spoken; however, it may well not be practical for all learners to visit Germany to help their studies – but there are other ways. Think about whether there is a native speaker in your community, or at your college or workplace, for example, and whether it would be practical to connect with them. You may also be able to find a language learning partner via a dedicated online forum.

Imaginative Immersion

And finally – finding imaginative ways to immerse yourself in German every day will see your learning speed up drastically. Think about the ways that will work for you: perhaps you could write a few lines in a diary or journal in German every evening or listen to German music in the morning while you get ready for work.

Have fun with this: if there are a few of you learning the language, organize a cocktail or dinner party and spend the first hour speaking only in German! Think outside the box, and make your language learning reflect your lifestyle to get the speedy results you want.