7 Examples How Learning a New Language Can Change Your Life

With around 43% of the human population being bilingual, it is no wonder that so much language research goes to see what kind of benefit can speaking multiple languages offer to us. Besides the scientific benefits, which we will discuss, there are many others, and it is no wonder that so many of us listen in awe and with a pinch of jealousy when we hear someone speak fluent French, Italian or Spanish. Read on to discover the 7 examples of how learning a new language can change your life. 

Meeting New People 

Speaking a new language necessarily means meeting new people. You can meet them online, in your language classroom, or over different PenMate programs. Having a new friend who speaks the language you learn or who learns the same language as you can offer multiple benefits and open your mind since you will be learning about new perspectives and solutions to common problems. 

Meeting New Cultures 

Learning a second language can open new cultures to you and help you broaden your horizons. Understanding exactly how much language speaking involves non-linguistic elements, such as those coming from the culture of that language, can blow your mind. This puts a whole new level of respect on the job that is done by professional human translation services. These guys work really hard to translate not only the words but more of meaning within the cultural context. 

Expanding Our Sources of Information

So, speaking a new language teaches you about how different people may solve the same problems and how much communication relies on culture. But speaking one more language also opens up a myriad of possibilities when it comes to learning about other stuff. Speaking Italian could never compare to translated cook shows, and speaking French will give you that extra hue of meaning that even the best art scholar could not communicate to you. 

Traveling More 

People who speak multiple languages travel more. It is so much easier getting around when you speak one more lingo. When traveling, however, beware as some documents may have to be translated in an official manner. In this case, a professional translation agency may save you a lot of headaches and a lot of hassle at airports. So you do your job of revising common tourist phrases, and professionals can make sure you can cross the border with no headaches. 

Understanding That Perfection Does Not Exist

Learning a Foreign Language is a never-ending journey. Probably the most important lesson it teaches is that there is no perfection. Very few people can completely master the pronunciation or a specific dialect of the language that they learn. This should not say that you should be discouraged, quite on the contrary. Many people speak a foreign language with a proud accent to show where they come from. 

Longer Attention Span and Memory Improvement

Research shows that speaking two or more languages can significantly improve attention span and improve memory. Learning a new language is, after all, memorizing new patterns and revising them. In an era of 1-minute reels on Instagram and YouTube shorts, we should all work on our memory and attention. 

Better Results in School

Learning a New Language
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Kids coming from bilingual families often have much better results in school. They take less time to learn their matter and may even memorize it for a longer time. Next time you want to invest in yourself or your offspring, make them start a language course and see as their school scores improve. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, speaking more than one language has a lot to offer. From more people to speak with to getting to know other cultures and having a better school score, you’ll be amazed by the benefits learning a new language has to offer. So start a language course and invest in your future. 

Merrisa Moore

Merrisa Moore loves traveling, and she combines her two loves on every voyage of hers: her love for classical music and her love for old cities. Her favorite destinations are the ancient capitals of Europe. When she has time off, she volunteers or nurtures her veggie patch.

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