Venice is One of the Most Unique Cities in the World – It Should be on Your Bucket List

There are various cities around the world that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list, and Venice is most definitely one of them. The stunning Italian tourist hotspot is one of the most unique places in the world, with most parts of it accessible thanks to a complex canal network. Unfortunately, Venice is sinking, meaning that we could be one of the last generations that get to visit it

Venice is Known as the Floating City

Among various nicknames, Venice is known as the Floating City as most of it is only accessible by boat. It’s often ranked as the most beautiful city in the world thanks to its incredible architecture, and a part of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It offers a varied travel experience, as different aspects appeal to diverse personalities. Some people like to take in all the landmarks and scenery, while others simply go for the experience and enjoy relaxing in the numerous canal-side restaurants. 

For holidaymakers in search of the ultimate cultural experience, Venice is one of the best places to go. It is famous for its literature, with the likes of Marco Polo and Giacomo Casanova having originated there. It inspired the plays of William Shakespeare as well, with both Othello and The Merchant of Venice set in the city. 

Venice has had a long history of art and is famous for its distinctive form of painting known as the Venetian School. The architecture is another aspect of Venetian culture that is unrivalled elsewhere. The building styles had to be adapted to account for the unstable mud banks, and this led to some interesting ideas. 

Easy Access to Other Locations

For some travelers, taking in Venice may only be one part of an Italian trip, as there are various other amazing cities and towns in the country that are well worth visiting too. The good thing is that Venice can be used as a starting point, as it has strong travel links with other cities that attract a lot of tourists. 

Many travelers to Italy get around by train, as the rail links in the country are famously outstanding. Besides the famous capital of Rome which is known to be culturally diverse and offers gorgeous landmarks, Florence is another great hotspot that was a leader in the art scene along with Venice. Tourists in search of great paintings may want to head there after seeing Venice. That’s easy to do by train, and you can get some cheap deals by booking online in advance. The journey takes just over two hours, and there is a lot of remarkable scenery to observe out of the window on the way. 

Venice is celebrated around the world, and there are even Venetian nights in Chicago nowadays. You can’t beat a trip to the actual place, however, as that is where you can experience the real magic. The bad news is that Venice is sinking, and the city may soon be consigned to history. Indeed, some estimates predict that it could be underwater by 2100. Therefore, it’s important to appreciate it now while we still can.