Ultimate RV Packing List for a First Time Camper

If you love trips, don’t let the pandemic stop you. While traveling to other countries by means of public transport is not entirely safe, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy new places and experiences. One of them is becoming more and more popular this year – RV travelIf you’re a newbie, we promise – it’s not that complicated as you can imagine. The only thing you need is to get an RV – buy one, rent, or search for second hand motorhomes. And all that’s left is to prepare properly. To make it easier for you, here is an ultimate checklist of things you need to remember about.


The weather can change, so it’s always an excellent idea to prepare for both rain and sun. Don’t forget a raincoat, an umbrella, boots, but also take sandals and sun cream. Write an itinerary of the places you’re going to and prepare for the activities there: if you’re planning swimming, take a swimsuit, and if long walks are a part of your trip, hiking boots are a must.

Kitchen Stuff

This is a necessary part of your packing list. Even if you’re planning to visit cafes or bars on the road, you still need to be prepared for everything. You’ll need pots and pans, cutlery and plates for preparing and serving, sponges and dish soap for washing, and groceries, of course. Make sure to take enough beverages so you don’t get thirsty, and stock up on pantry and dry goods, like pasta, rice, or canned vegetables. And don’t forget the matches! 

RV Maintenance and Safety

Anything can happen on the road, so you need to know how to maintain your RV in a good state and take all the necessary tools. Fuel, wheel chocks, and pressure reducer are a must. And of course, you should take all the insurance papers and personal documents with you!

Packing all the gear for the RV trip can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to. Make a detailed plan of what you’re going to do on the road, and pack according to it. And, to not forget anything – check the infographic below prepared by Oaktree Motorhomes. 

RV Packing List Featured Image Credit: Pixabay