How to Prevent Your Money Being Stolen or Lost When You Travel

Traveling abroad is always a fun experience. But what do you do with your money when you travel? Keeping your money safe is key because if it’s lost or stolen, your entire trip could be ruined in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to keep your money safe and secure when you travel. Whether you’re taking a short solo trip or traveling the world with friends, here are some top tips to keep in mind when it comes to protecting your cash. 

Use a Card:

Gone are the days of exchanging currency and getting wads of cash to spend on your trip. Today many banks do not charge any extra fees for spending overseas, although it’s a good idea to let your bank know that you are planning to travel so that your card does not end up getting blocked for unusual activity. It’s a good idea to have a backup account and card, too, just in case anything goes wrong, like losing your card or having it swallowed by an ATM. Make sure that you’re using your banking app so that you can easily control where your money is online. 

Take Minimal Cash Out:

If you must use cash, then it’s a good idea to keep the majority of it in a safe place in your hotel room and only have a minimal amount on your person at any one time. Work out how much cash you are going to need for the day and leave the rest in the safe in your hotel room or hidden away somewhere where it will not easily be found. 

Use Anti-Theft Devices:

If you’re worried about being pickpocketed while traveling, the good news is that there are plenty of anti-theft travel devices that you can invest in to help avoid this happening to you. Anti-theft backpacks, for example, are completely impossible for anybody else to get into and are great for not only cash but also expensive devices like your smartphone, camera, or laptop that you might have with you. A money belt is also a great idea for keeping your cash concealed. 

Avoid Common Scams:

Before traveling to your destination, it’s a wise idea to read up on any common scams in the area so that you know what to avoid when you get there. If you are going to a place that is quite popular with tourists, chances are that there are going to be some active scams going around, whether it’s selling fake tickets or forcing you to buy something that you didn’t actually want. 

Know Who You’re With:

Traveling solo and meeting other travelers in hostels and on tours can be a really fun experience but the risk here is that you never know who you are with, and you don’t know everybody well enough to trust them. While it won’t show you who is trustworthy and who isn’t, you can get extra peace of mind by using Nuwber to search the names of the people that you’ve met while traveling and see if they have any criminal records or anything shady in their past that might indicate they’re not to be trusted around your money. 

Losing or having your money stolen when you’re traveling can be a stressful situation to be in. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to avoid this and protect your cash. 

Featured Image Credit: Prevent Money Stolen Pixabay

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