Top Five Things to Do with Apples

Apples are one the best tasting fruits out there and in the UK they are easily accessible nearly all year round. However, in the summer there is so much you can do with apples that will keep yourself and your family happy. 

So what can you do with apples that will please people in different ways? This list is also really helpful for people who have an apple tree in their garden as this gives them free access to cooking apples.

Even if you do not have an apple tree, apples are incredibly cheap and sustainable. Heading to a market you will get the best and freshest apples available which will help in tasting the difference when you make your apple products. 

  • Make apple cider

Straight in with the alcoholic option! Apple cider can be appreciated all year round. Apple cider is a very refreshing drink to be had in the summer months with friends but also there is the Christmas vibe of mulled apple cider enjoyed warm. 

By using, you can make extra money to buy the fermentation equipment and get going on the apple cider in your own back garden.

  • Apple strudel

There are many things in terms of dessert that you could do like a pie or a crumble but the Viennese inspiration of apple strudel is just fantastic. Austria, Bavaria, the Czech Republic, Northern Italy, Slovenia, and other countries in Europe that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The light puff pastry and raisins make this dish stand out. It is incredibly popular all year round as well. Hope apple strudel, like hot apple cider, can be enjoyed all year round and are particularly popular in the German Christmas markets.

  • Apple Jam

It may not be the most well-known jam as it falls in behind the likes of strawberry and raspberry. However, apple jam is truly delicious especially if you add cinnamon to your jam. The jam can be stored for a long time as it is a great preserve.

It can be used as a sandwich addition, dessert dollop or used with pork chops. Apple jam is versatile and adaptable. 

  • Apple juice

Why does apple juice have to be alcoholic into cider? That is right it doesn’t! Fresh apple juice is truly delicious and can set people up for the day with its tangy taste really waking people up in the morning. 

When you have made your own apple juice you will feel great satisfaction in the morning as well knowing your hard work has gone into it. 

  • French apple tarts

Another great dessert option but one that can be appreciated at coffee time. Not to be outdone by the Austrians, the French make some delicious tarts and apple is one of the most popular fillings is apple.

It brings a sweet and nutty flavour to your mouth and alongside a hot drink, it is the perfect accompaniment. 

Feel like a true Parisienne and make this for your friends and family. 

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

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