Top 3 Shocking Movies 

These pictures were banned from theaters, those who saw them fainted or left in silence during the show, and the actors couldn’t forget the traumatic experience for a long time. Get prepared that these films will make you even more shocked than losing at BetChan Casino or reading detective books. Here are 3 shocking movies with scandalous scenes.

Funny Games, 1997

A family consisting of husband, wife, young son, and dog arrives at a country house. While Anna is doing chores in the kitchen, a young man in white gloves approaches her asking to borrow some eggs for a neighbor, but as he picks them up, he accidentally drops them and breaks them. There are eight left in the box, so the young man asks for four more, after which they suffer the same fate because of the dog that frightened him. The situation heats up as the second guy shows up at the house and asks for the last four eggs. When Anna’s husband comes over and slaps one of the young men in the face for his insolent behavior, he breaks his kneecap. Thus, a game begins where the family is physically and mentally tortured all night long.

In his scandalous film, Michael Haneke flirts with the audience. During two hours, the sadists turn to the camera several times and ask the wordless question – what are you looking at and why? The unbearable cruelty of the film is still shown offscreen, but it’s just as shocking.

Antichrist, 2009

While the couple is secluded in the bathroom, their child climbs a window sill and falls out the window. From grief and guilt, the mother goes mad. The psychotherapist husband sees that her condition is getting worse by the day and decides to take her to the country house, which the woman fears the most.

Lars von Trier wrote the script for The Antichrist during a period of prolonged depression. To get rid of the malaise, the therapist advised him to practice skills, and at the same time to test his ability to do creative work in such a state. Not surprisingly, some critics have dubbed the maestro’s work as “the spectacle of a mad director.”

At the Cannes premiere, according to eyewitness accounts, four people fainted because of the naturalistic scenes of violence. Some critics dubbed von Trier a misogynist and called his film one of the biggest failures in the history of the Festival, while others were absolutely delighted.

Ultimo Tango a Parigi, 1972

Paul, 45, experiencing his wife’s suicide, meets young Jeanne on the streets of Paris. She wants to rent an apartment near his hotel, and in one of the apartments they examine, they become even closer. At the same time, the characters do not know each other’s names and do not ask about life before they meet – they meet in secret, without burdening themselves with all the subtleties of the relationship.

The film was banned in several countries. The Italian authorities accused the director of obscenity and refused to distribute the film, which made the director feel like a “second-class man”.

Before shooting a scandalous scene with oil Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci did not warn Maria Schneider on the use of the product as a lubricant in advance – the director wanted to see a natural reaction to the girl. The actress did not know that she had the right to refuse to participate at any time, and cried during the filming.

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