Top 10 Las Vegas Attractions

Glittering with neon signs, Las Vegas has long become the largest tourist destination in the United States. Here, passion and luxury reign supreme, casinos work 24 hours a day, and an endless stream of shows and entertainment captures the tourist headlong. It’s not for nothing that people in Las Vegas forget about reality and everyday affairs and are completely attached to unrestrained fun.

What to see and where to go in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Attractions

  1. Sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” 

The first thing a tourist sees when entering the city through the Las Vegas Strip is the famous welcome sign, which sparkles with bright lights and promises guests an unforgettable experience and fun adventures. 

  1. Las Vegas Strip 

The Las Vegas Strip is the central alley and heart of the city, home to famous casinos (including the legendary Caesar’s Palace) and luxury hotels. Each building on this street can be seen as a riotous splash of architectural imagination of the creators. If you don’t have a possibility to visit Las Vegas in the near future – don’t worry. Check out and choose a game to spend a wonderful time playing.

  1. Fremont Street Experience 

The Fremont Street Experience is a huge video screen in the form of an arched dome that was erected on the street of the same name in 1995 to increase the attractiveness of the place for tourists. 

  1. Bellagio 

Hotel-Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, which was completed in 1998. Bellagio is designed for almost 4 thousand rooms, it ranks 11th in the world rating of hotels for this indicator.

  1. “Luxor Las Vegas” 

An entertainment complex, which includes a hotel with 4.5 thousand rooms and a casino. It is built in the form of a black 30-story pyramid over 100 meters in height. In the evenings, a powerful beam of light erupts from the summit, which is visible even from the Earth’s orbit.

Las Vegas Attractions

  1. Paris Las Vegas 

Another grand casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. From an architectural point of view, it is a copy of the French hotel “De Ville”. The peculiarity of the complex is that it is surrounded by replicas of French landmarks: there is the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and the Paris Opera.

  1. Venetian Las Vegas 

As the name suggests, this casino hotel is decorated in the style of a Venetian palazzo. On its territory, there are 18 restaurants, 6 swimming pools, a fitness club, a spa, and shops. The lobby of the hotel is painted with copies of Italian paintings, decorated with marble columns and arches.

  1. The Wynn Hotel & Casino 

The Wynn was named after billionaire Steve Wynn, who made his fortune through the gambling industry. The complex consists of 60 floors, making it one of the tallest in Las Vegas.

  1. “Caesars-Palace” 

Entertainment complex, decorated in the style of Ancient Rome. It has existed since 1966. “Caesars Palace” became famous for its entertaining shows and performances of pop stars.

  1. “Stratosphere Las Vegas” 

Casino hotel built in the form of a tower, which reaches a height of 350 meters. The Stratosphere observation deck is the highest in the United States.

Image by young soo Park from Pixabay