18 of the Most Ridiculous Relationship Memes on the Internet

Relationships are harder now than ever. Every type of relationship, from a partner, roommate husband, wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, unlabelled-but-kinda-vibing with a person, to in-law will have been affected and changed due to COVID-19 and the changes are more evident than ever during the holiday season.  Doing the work to survive and thrive in all your relationships is something to always think about with intention – spice it up with a soulmate sketch? haha… maybe not — and the stress can come on quickly. Luckily, we have an escape mechanism — in the form of humor. Admittedly, memes have been a guilty pleasure/saving grace for us during these troubling times. Here are our fave hilarious relationship memes currently on the internet.

Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships have been tough to come by during COVID as dating looks like a job interview at Google. But these memes certainly helped us through the rocky roads.


Perhaps COVID has forced you back into a living situation with parents you didn’t quite expect. We all appreciate our family but these memes definitely sum up what it’s like when the family gets a little too cozy.


Seeing friends has been a treat this past year so these memes deliver the funny heartfelt love we have for friends from 6 feet and beyond.

Work Besties

Communication with work friends has become even more important during 2020 and these relationship memes about work besties best sum up what it’s like to have a day one pal at your office or on Zoom.

Did you enjoy UrbanMatter’s collection of relationship memes? We certainly enjoyed delivering them to you and we hope they made you laugh. If you think we missed any or really want to add to the collection, drop your favorite meme in the comment section on the site or on our Facebook post so we can see your additions.

Image Credit: Couple Connection San Diego

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