Straight Forward Formula to Write the First Article – Tips for Article Writing

In this modern era, we are surrounded by writing opportunities. You must know that today article writers are in high demand. If you want to hire for content writing or start your blog/writing agency, you have to ensure you have the best tips and guidance. In this guidepost, we have listed some of the important tips that would help you in article writing. Afterward, we would also tell you about the most straightforward formulae to create your first article.

Straightforward formula to write the first article

If you are new to article writing and are looking for the best formula to write your first article, you need to follow this eight-step formula.

  1. Pick your topics well in time.
  2. Write two to three paras for the introduction of the article.
  3. Create five main points in your outline. Your content would be based on these ideas.
  4. Discuss your research and arguments on every point,
  5. Add images to your article to make it attractive.
  6. Create a conclusion 
  7. Check the article for plagiarism
  8. Remove all human errors from it.

Writing an article is not an easy job as it requires a lot of time, effort, and hard work from the writer. If you don’t want to spend your time researching and writing and want to get your first article for free, then  you can use the article rewriting tools. 

Use Rewrite Guru To Get Your First Article!

Rewrite guru is a very famous article rewriter. With this rewriting tool, you can easily  rewrite sentences and create as many articles as you want without any restrictions. All you have to do is copy content from the reference topics or research material and paste it into the input box of this essay rewriter. After inserting text in the tool, you have to select the mode of rewriting. After completing the input data, you need to click on the “rewrite article” button. The article rewriter would take a few seconds to paraphrase your content and would get you a new version before you. In short, using article rewriter is the simplest and straightforward way to create a unique and error-free article!

6 Tips For Writing Articles Like A Pro!

Here are some of the expert tips that will surely help you in writing the best articles.

  • Create a list of unique ideas

Before writing an article, you must create a complete list of unique ideas you want to discuss. You must know that there is an infinite amount of content indexed on the internet. If you want to see your articles beat the competition, you always have to try and use fresh ideas in your articles. Creating a list of ideas can help you have a clear path about what you have to write.

  • Eliminate all the distractions at the time of writing

Writing is not an easy task. If you think that you can multitask while writing, you need to reassess your thought process. If you want to write articles of good quality and in a short amount of time, you need to eliminate all kinds of distractions. If you give writing your undivided attention, then you can easily get worthy results.

  • Focus on your research work

Research is very important for article writing, especially if you want to provide valuable and unique content to your readers. While writing on a new topic, you need to research the topics and go through the reference articles on the web to understand the basic ideas and the main concept on which you have to focus. You can only add your value as well as arguments if you have done your research. Writing an article without research would be the same as creating content with an article rewriter.

  • Set the outline of your article

The outline of the article will tell you about the headings and the key points that you need to discuss in the post. An outline is a road map to help you create an article from the first to the last word. You have to outline the basis of key points and information you have collected in the research stage.

  • Always focus on simplicity

Simplicity is important in article writing. A very common mistake that writers make is that they unnecessarily complicate their content to make it look more professional. Well, you must know that complicating the sentence structure and using advanced vocabulary will do you no good. Whenever you write an article, you have to make sure that it is written for a ten-year-old kid! 

  • Always check and edit your work after writing

Another common mistake that new writers make is that they keep checking and editing their work when writing it. This is a foolish approach and can waste a lot of your time and ruin the quality and flow of your article. Checking and editing can easily be done after you complete the writing process . Today you can use online grammar check utilities to check and edit your work in less than minutes.

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