Think Christmas is the Deadliest for Travel? The Truth Will Surprise You

Christmas is arguably one of the most traveled seasons, with some people having to drive long distances to be with their loved ones for the festivities. Besides traveling long distances, it is one of the seasons where most celebrations involve partying and drinking, so you can expect to come across some drunk drivers on the road. 

The weather also doesn’t make the situation any better. The cold winters can make driving relatively dangerous. But even with all odds against Christmas, it is not the deadliest holiday as it ranks quite low compared to other holidays.

Below is a list of the most dangerous holidays, from the most to the least deadly.

1. Memorial Day

On the last Monday of May, America celebrates Memorial Day in honor of men and women who pay the ultimate price protecting the country. It comes days before the official start of the summer. 

A three-day weekend for parents and children is a perfect time to travel and get together with loved ones. This means there will be many cars on the road with people eager to reach their destinations and back in the short time window. 

Unfortunately, the chances of speeding and aggressive driving in such situations get very high as people try to make the most out of the little time. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), an average of 450 people die on the road annually during the Memorial Day holiday.

2. Labor Day 

The first Monday of September is a day to celebrate hard-working Americans. 

For individuals that have the day off, it means they have a three-day weekend which is excellent for celebration to wrap up the summer season. According to available data, an average of 445 fatal accidents occur on this holiday, only five fatalities short of Memorial Day.

3. Independence Day

By Independence Day, which falls on the fourth of July, almost everyone has caught up with the spirit of summer. Most families celebrate this day by organizing family cookouts, fireworks, and playing games. 

Unfortunately, a lot of drinking occurs, making the possibility of encountering drunk drivers on the road pretty high. Also, some families opt to take their families for short drives. With so many activities happening one day, fatigue becomes a major factor in road accidents on Independence Day, which averages 440 road fatalities yearly.

4. Father’s Day

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June. It’s a day to celebrate fathers – biological or adoptive or any other male figure that has played the role of a father in a person’s life. Surprisingly, Mother’s Day doesn’t have quite as high fatality rates. 

The most likely reason for the difference could be the month it falls. Unlike Mother’s Day, which falls in May when it’s relatively colder, Father’s Day falls in summer and could involve a little more drinking than Mother’s Day. On average, 431 road fatalities are recorded yearly on Father’s Day.

Where Does Christmas Come In?

Surprisingly Christmas is way down on the list of deadliest holidays. It can feature best in the least of the safest holidays for driving, with an average of 343 road fatalities per year. However, the numbers can get relatively high if it falls on a weekend. 

Other holidays before Christmas in the number of recorded fatalities include Cinco de Mayo with 419, Mother’s Day at 402, Halloween with 396, Thanksgiving with 391, Veterans’ Day with 390, and Easter with 382 deaths annually. 


No matter how careful you are, you are always at the risk of getting in an accident when on the road. But statistics show that the risks increase during the holidays and weekends. 

The good news is that identifying the deadliest holidays and understanding the risks associated with every holiday is the first step to ensuring you stay safe on the road. 

Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay