These Celebrity Haircut Tutorials Show You How to Trim Your Own Hair

There’s no doubt about it: we’re all getting shaggy here in quarantine land. With salons beginning to re-open in many states, some of us are more than ready to rekindle our relationships with our favorite stylists. Others may still understandably be feeling cautious about sitting down in that salon chair. Americans who would rather not take a chance with germs are facing an unprecedented coiffure quandary: do we ride out the next phase of social distancing looking like Cousin It? Or do we take matters into our hands with an at-home haircut?

There’s no doubt that the mere mention of a DIY haircut is enough to send some of us into flashbacks of middle school trauma, the bowl cut your mom gave you right before school picture day, the dreaded Flowbee, or the Suck Cut of Wayne’s World fame. The hirsute among us can breathe a sigh of relief though because things have come a long way since then. Without further ado, here are 15 celebrity hair tutorials to watch if you want to learn how to trim your own hair at home.

Jonathan Van Ness

Give your mane the Queer Eye treatment with Johnathan Van Ness’ Quarantine Haircut tips! 

Ellen DeGeneres

Not sure where to start? Ellen DeGeneres asks her hairdresser friend Chris McMillan for tips on how to trim your own hair.

Kim Kimble

Kim Kimble is a celebrity hairstylist and hair care expert who has tamed the tresses of Queen Bey herself! You’ll be in good hands with her tutorial on how to trim and style afro-textured hair.

Brad Mondo

Let’s face it, you’re afraid you’ll ruin your hair. IN this hair tutorial, hair Guru Brad Mondo shows us, mortals, some simple, foolproof techniques for avoiding a style disaster. 

Chris Appleton

Do you like to keep things short and sweet? Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist Chris Appleton walks you through how to do a men’s haircut at home!

Gwen Stefani

Would you let rock star and style icon Gwen Stefani cut your hair? We would, and so would musician Blake Shelton. Check out this video and see if you’re brave enough to try her freestyle technique at home.

Carson Daily

We’re all getting by with a little help with our friends. Carson Daily is lucky enough to have J Lo’s personal stylist to walk him through cutting his own hair and he’s brave enough to go for it on national TV!

Andy Tran

Andy Tran sums up how to do the taper and the fade look. 

Manes by Mell

Curls rule! Manes by Mell gives you the skinny on how to maintain the health of your curly hair at home. Stop by her Youtube Channel to learn how to freshen up your style and also help her raise money to help Doctors Without Borders fight COVID-19.

Alexa Chung

Nobody does relaxed glamour like Alexa Chung! Watch George Northwood hold her virtual hand through this simple DIY cut.


Got bangs? You don’t have to walk around looking like a sheepdog! The curtain fringe may be just the answer to your problems. The look has been sported by celebrities from Bridget Bardot to J Lo and the Fashionistas are here to tell you just how to get it.

The Salon Guy

Zoey Deschanel’s bangs are iconic for a reason. The Salon Guy gives you a step-by-step tutorial and how to get this classic look at home.

AKA Aislin

AKA Aislin is the unquestioned queen of color with her signature rainbow mane! Here’s how she makes a dramatic change to a short angled bob at home!

5-Minute Crafts

Looking to up your home hairdressing game? You’ll want to bookmark 5 Minute Craft’s 23 Ways to Cut Hair Like A Pro.

Access Hollywood

And if you still screw up your hair, remember it could be worse! Laugh it off with these Wildest Celebrity Quarantine Cuts.



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