The Santa Claus Season 3: Are Fans Expecting a Comeback of Disney’s Popular Holiday Drama Series?

The American Christmas comedy television series, which was first shown in 2022, has garnered an enormous amount of popularity and has received an incredible amount of feedback from viewers. Jack Burditt is responsible for the creation of the film for Disney+, and it draws inspiration from the Santa Clause film series. Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Lloyd, and David Krumholtz are the primary characters in this film, which was released in 2006 and served as a sequel to The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. 

The debut of the upcoming season is something that fans are eagerly expecting since it is one of the most popular successes that Disney has ever produced. The readers of our publication are understandably concerned about the upcoming third season of the series in question. This is the reason why we are going to talk about all there is to know about the program in this post.

  • Christmas
  • Comedy-fantasy
Created byJack Burditt
Based onThe Santa Clause

by Leo Benvenuti

Steve Rudnick

  • Tim Allen
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Austin Kane
  • Elizabeth Allen-Dick
  • Matilda Lawler
  • Devin Bright
  • Rupali Redd
  • Kal Penn
  • Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias
  • Eric Stonestreet
Music by
  • Ariel Rechtshaid
  • Will Canzoneri
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes12
Executive producers
  • Jack Burditt
  • Tim Allen
  • Jason Winer
  • Jon Radler
  • Rick Messina
  • Richard Baker
  • Kevin Hench
CinematographyJP Wakayama
  • Arge O’Neal
  • Christine Kim
  • Dean Pollack
  • Daedra Carline
Running time33 minutes
Production companies
  • Double Wide Productions
  • Small Dog Picture Company
  • 20th Television
  • Disney Branded Television
ReleaseNovember 16, 2022 –



The Santa Claus Season 3 Release Date

December 2023 saw the release of the second season of Santa Claus. If you have seen the first season of Santa Claus and have continued to follow the updates, you will be aware that the producer of the show planned the release of the second season in two different methods before the first season was first released.

As a result of the peculiar time of the release date, the vast majority of individuals anticipate that the creator will do the same thing for this season. Unfortunately, as of the time this article was written, the fate of the series’ renewal has not yet been determined. Although we are aware that you are eagerly anticipating the release of the classic film and have a lot of questions about the future of the series, it is impossible to establish the present situation of the program as well as its potential for the future since the official website has not yet provided any confirmation. 

In a conversation with Winer, he expressed his belief that the program had a “good shot” at being picked up for a third season, even though “things are never a certainty.” A third season of the program is a huge success for Disney+, and it seems like… There is no way to know for sure, but it seems like we have a high chance of succeeding.

The Santa Claus Season 3 Cast

Tim AllenScott Calvin / Santa Claus
Elizabeth MitchellCarol Calvin / Mrs. Claus
Austin KaneBuddy “Cal” Calvin-Claus
Elizabeth Allen-DickSandra Calvin-Claus
Matilda LawlerBetty
Devin BrightNoel
Rupali ReddGrace Choksi
Kal PennSimon Choksi / Santa Claus
Gabriel “Fluffy” IglesiasKris Moreno / Kris Kringle
Eric StonestreetMagnus Antas / The Mad Santa
Isabella BennettEdie
Sasha KnightCrouton
Izaac WangHugo
Laura San GiacomoLa Befana
Liam KyleGary
Ruby JayRiley
Marta KesslerOlga
Eric LloydCharlie Calvin
Peyton ManningHimself
David KrumholtzBernard
Mitch PoulosSaint Nicholas of Myra
Mauricio MendozaPapa Noel / Santa Claus
Dirk RogersKrampus
Jim O’HeirSanta Claus XVII
Casey WilsonSara
Kevin PollakCupid
Tracy MorganThe Easter Bunny
Michael DornSandman


The Santa Claus Season 3 Plot Expectation

During the conversation with Winer, he disclosed that there is an opportunity for fresh cameos. He said, “The reality is, there are so many cameos. In our show, you’ll definitely see some iconic figures making appearances, including Judy the elf, who’s known for distributing cocoa in the original movie. We hunted her out, and she made an unexpected appearance as the owner of Judy’s Hot Cocoa Stand in Centropolis.”

“We bend over backwards to connect our series to the original movies,” the Disney+ creative continued, hoping that with a possible Season 3, they can “scratch all those itches for the fans: So, we literally bend over backwards to connect our series to the original movies and create Easter eggs for the fans, and we have so many cameos, and so many roles, frankly, that we would love to make, and hopefully we get to do a Season 3, and we can scratch all those itches

Original Soundtracks for Season 3

In discussing the prospect of a third season, he said that the series “has enough original tracks to release a proper soundtrack for three seasons combined:”

“If we’re fortunate enough to do a third season, we’ll have enough unique material to create a decent soundtrack for all three seasons together. You’ll be able to locate this music all around the globe this season, but my ambition is to compile them all and release a soundtrack of unique songs.”

In an interview with TVInsider, Winner said, “It comes up this season that people hate the trolls,” so it seems like a layup that we debut the trolls in the third season. There’s a runner in the first season where elves hate gnomes. They go ‘Ugh, gnomes’ whenever a gnome is mentioned, which I thought was hilarious.

The second season introduces you to the gnomes. However, it is shown this season that the gnomes despise trolls. So I’ll be intrigued to see whether anybody takes up on that runner because it seems like a layup to introduce the trolls in the third season.”

The Santa Claus Season 3 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, there are no updates available for the trailers for the next season, so if you are hoping for them, you will be discouraged. Watch the trailer for the first season as you wait for it to end.

Watch the show on Disney + Hotstar

Santa Claus is officially available to stream on Disney + Hotstar.

Ratings of the show

Let’s explore the online ratings of the movie here.

73%Rotten Tomatoes
6.6/10 IMDb
57% Metacritic