The Best Video Games For History Buffs

It wasn’t so long ago that video gaming was a bit of a niche hobby. People would head out to arcades to compete for the title of top gamer, and queue up outside the game store to grab a CD-Rom of the latest release. In the last 20 years though, times have changed enormously. Nowadays, around 65% of Americans play video games, just shy of two thirds of the population. With this many people calling gaming a hobby, it makes sense that video game developers have created games to suit all kinds of interests. We’re going to take a look at video games that suit people who have a penchant for history.

Age of Empires

It makes sense to start off with perhaps the biggest blockbuster on the list, Age of Empires. This series has been running since 1997, with its most recent release ‘Return of Rome’ released just this year. All of the games invite you to create a thriving empire, that you make all of the decisions for. Each of the empires is based on a famous empire from time, in Return to Rome, you’ll obviously be playing as one of the Roman empires, but there are countless different empires to choose from.

This is an in-depth strategy game that gives more than a nod to history in its characters and plots. So, if you’ve often thought that you could create an Ottoman empire that stood the test of time, or you’d do a better job at conquering the world than the Ancient Greeks did, then this is your chance to prove it.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead takes you right back to Ancient Egyptian times

The provider play n go is well known for their small but top-quality selection of slot machine games, but Book of Dead is widely regarded as the best of all. This slot dives into the world of Ancient Egypt, with hieroglyphics adorning the pillars at either side of the screen. The game is super simple to get started with, just select your wager and spin the reels to see if you win a prize. In this respect it isn’t groundbreaking, but the familiarity of the format is great. It certainly is groundbreaking in its beautiful illustrations, helping the reels to truly feel alive and grounding this game firmly in Ancient Egyptian times.

If you are looking for a title that’s less mentally taxing than Age of Empires, but still packs a punch in the graphics department, then Book of Dead is an excellent choice.

Civilization VI

Our next pick is similar in content to Age of Empires, but differs considerably in aesthetics. Civilization is another game franchise that’s been popular since the 90s and is now on its sixth instalment. This game invites you to become the leader of a civilization and takes inspiration for its characters from famous leaders from the past. There are numerous expansion packs that give you the ability to choose to play as one of a staggering number of leaders from history. Once you’ve selected your leader, it’s up to you to grow your civilization from a single settler, to a mighty kingdom.

This is an intense turn-based strategy game that requires a good few hours to really get to grips with, but is ultra-rewarding if you give it time.

Dawn of Man

The final pick is Dawn of Man. This game is perfect for those who are interested in the very beginnings of human history, back when Woolly Mammoths and Sabre-Toothed Tigers walked the Earth. You begin with a small group of people and it’s up to you to help them thrive. You’ll need to learn to hunt, clothe them and make them some shelter and from there begin researching different technologies. Learning to grow food, creating the wheel, and tanning leather will all be key milestones in your quest to make it out of the stone age.

Featured Image courtesy of Unsplash