The Best Casinos In Chicago That Are Worth Visiting

What is the best casino in Illinois? Believe it or not, there are a few options so we will need to investigate each one and see what the best casino in the Chicago area is. In other words, here are the best Chicago casinos and all of these are ready to be a part of your life. These are casinos and casinos hotels so you do get a lot of options. They offer great games and they are something millions of tourists visit every single year. If you are in doubt about which casino to choose, you will find various reviews of many casino brands on the Quite frankly, they are the polar opposite of the worst-rated accommodation places in the US. They are a good place to be and each tourist will have the biggest level of fun. Here are the best casinos Chicago has to offer.

Ameristar Casino Hotel East

This place is simply known as casino hotel East Chicago and it is a stunning place to visit. It looks great and it is a Chicago casino we all like. It is a hotel as well. Here you can play many different table games and of course, many slots. The experience is at the highest level possible and worthy of your attention. In addition, you can also go to an Italian cuisine restaurant and enjoy a meal.

If you are one of those who want to check and enjoy an online casino and get more for less, we recommend you check the specific reviews from You can see reviews of casinos that offer free spins for $1 and you can play most games you like with this small investment. You still get countless perks and you have the ability to play all games you like.

Hollywood Casino Joliet

This place is located in Aurora and it is a high-end casino. Inside you are looking at stunning video poker machines, table games, and stunning options when it comes to poker. There are impressive tournaments that do deserve your attention. We can say that this place offers the perfect experience of Chicago and the surrounding area. There are a lot more you will find inside and all are focused on luxury and elegance.

If you like to travel and play you will want to check Toronto casinos which are especially popular at the moment. These are great for gamblers who want to have fun and win. You can play slot machines, table games, and more.

Grand Victoria Casino Elgin

It is located in Elgin and it is a place where gaming is stunning. You will get the ability to play countless games and see the old hotel modernized but in a different way, you will expect. It gives you a mixture of old and new, and this is precisely what makes this place so special. You can play card poker as well if this is what you like. This is a casino & hotel so keep that in mind.

There is no need to add that inside you can find online slots the most played in human history and that are special in the lack of better word. There are a lot of options players and gamblers can enjoy and this is the reason why this is one of the best places to enjoy if you like gambling.

Majestic Star Casino

Majestic star casino allows players to enjoy great table and card games. You can play slots as well. But, the accent here is on the tournaments and promotions. Both of these are stunting and above the average. It isn’t the biggest casino on the list, but for most, it will be the place where they want to test their luck first. The casino is located in downtown Chicago and you can reach it within minutes.

Horseshoe Casino

This is one of the most spectacular and the most detailed locations. It is nothing like a star casino & hotel but it is even better. Players who seek 200 video poker machines and over 2000 slots will love this place. There are excellent promotions and the experience is top-notch. This is partially possible due to the fact famous singers come here on a regular basis. We can add that this place is ideal for those who enjoy slots and who would like to try new things. You will like it at home here.

Blue Chip Hotel Casino

Blue chip casino hotel spa is a bit of a special place. It may remind some of you of Las Vegas or Des Plaines. All we can say is that the place offers a great selection of games. Yes, you can play all kinds of casino titles. It is elegant, stylish and this place is open 24 hours so you can always play as long as you like. You are welcomed by professionals and you have scenery in front of you that isn’t easy to get these days. In addition, those of you who are looking for great accommodation will find the answer. You have many options at your disposal and each one is special and stunting. Make sure you check out this place if possible.

Rivers Casino in Chicago

This place is stunning in the lack of a better word and it is something we all liked. Yes, it is relatively new but it is loaded with all you will ever need. There are over 1000 slots and there are 50 tables inside. What this means is that all players can enjoy and have fun instantly. The scenery is even better and these are actually the main reasons why this place has been so popular and so appealing to tourists but also people who live close by.


These were casino hotels in the United States, in Chicago more precisely that deserve your attention. If you prefer the online option check out this list of the best Online Casinos in Chicago. Each one is special and different so you will want to check all of these in order to find a few that are just right. All we know is that you will have tons of fun and you will be a lucky person. Be free to enjoy as much as you can and try to make your life a better place, by traveling more.

Photo by Chuma A on Unsplash