‘The Batman’ Final Trailer Sets Up the Reboot For Its March Release

Another Batman trailer, another breakdown. As the new trailer didn’t waste any, let’s not do the same and get into the latest trailer for the highly anticipated reboot.

It’s clear from the nearly three minute long trailer that Selina Kyle aka Catwoman will be a large part of the film’s story as it appears she and the Batman will be teaming up to bring down the Riddler. Her motivations for wanting to team up are still unclear but it could be setting up a potential double cross on Batman as it is often unclear what side the burglar is on at times. We also get our biggest peek at the Riddler as he repeatedly taunts Batman throughout the trailer and even hints to knowing the vigilante’s true identity. This seems to be a recurring element in Batman films and while it would be refreshing to see a film where he doesn’t reveal his identity or it’s somehow deduced by the villain, it could be an interesting take on the Riddler as this new iteration seems to be carrying a grudge towards the Wayne family.

Several scenes from past trailers are repackaged here but the action is definitely played up as we see the Batmobile in action taking down what appears to be Penguin’s getaway vehicle and we see more of Batman’s fighting style similar to what was showcased in the Arkham video game series. These brief snippets pair well with what appears to be Batman’s theme thanks to a musical score provided by Oscar winner Michael Giacchino.

Bruce will also seem to have to grapple with new revelations about his father and how he will deal with the complicated legacy. This storyline is borrowed from the Batman: The Telltale Series video game as that iteration of Bruce Wayne/Batman finds out his father partnered with many of Gotham’s underworld criminals to build his fortune and steal property. There is even a moment in the new trailer where Bruce confronts Alfred about supposed secrets he has been keeping from the young billionaire for years.

Thankfully, we do not have too long to wait for The Batman as it will release exclusively in theaters on March 4, 2022. 

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