Taking Steps in the Right Direction – Lifestyle Enhancement is Possible 

Lifestyle enhancement is a broad term used to define any number of practices, activities, behaviors, or accouterments that actually improve the quality of your life. It’s all about adding value to what you have, what you do, and how you live. Interestingly enough, this concept is pervasive across multiple disciplines. 

Even in economics, lifestyle enhancement a.k.a. Adding value is possible whenever your utility (satisfaction derived from the consumption of an economic good or service) increases without detracting from anyone else’s satisfaction. 

A classic example of lifestyle enhancement is the provision of street lighting. Street lighting is a non-excludable public good, since everyone can enjoy the benefits of street lighting, and one person’s use does not reduce its availability to others. Other examples include the air we breathe and public parks. 

Lifestyle enhancement is anything and everything that can be done to make our lives in the urban jungle better. Let’s take a look at several lifestyle-enhancing products that are readily available. These rivalrous, excludable goods, are known as private goods.

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have come into their own in recent years. They are designed for light sleepers and anyone who has anxiety at night. Restless legs, insomnia, or general jitteriness can certainly make a good night’s rest near impossible. Fortunately, these deep pressure stimulation blankets can enhance serotonin production. The stress hormone known as cortisol is counteracted with serotonin, and this enhances melatonin levels which help you to fall asleep. Various independent studies confirm that weighted blankets are safe for use on a daily basis.

Orthotics and Insoles

Custom orthotics are the elixir for anyone with flat feet. This condition can lead to severe injuries, owing to the misalignment that takes place with fallen arches. Flat feet are caused by any number of factors such as arthritis, age, obesity, feet injuries, diabetes, or damage to the tendons, ligaments, and structure of the feet. The use of orthotics in shoes is a commonly prescribed treatment for flat feet. 

Orthotics are designed to improve and correct the position of your feet in your shoes. This improves your posture, reduces pain in the feet, and is a trusted fix over time for many people. The podiatry and foot pain community readily endorses the use of orthotics and insoles as an effective treatment regimen for flat feet.

Bamboo Charcoal Sheets

Charcoal is an amazing product that is the result of burned organic or animal matter. Bamboo charcoal, like charcoal in general, has incredible health and wellness benefits. Unbeknownst to many, charcoal is a natural way to soak up ingested toxins from organic matter. The charcoal binds with the toxins and removes them from your system so that you don’t get sick. Bamboo charcoal sheets are organic, sustainably produced products. 

They are chemical-free. Like ingested charcoal for suspected poisoning, bamboo charcoal can remove toxins from the body through nanoparticles of charcoal. This keeps your sheets fresher for longer, while simultaneously cleansing your skin while you’re sleeping. Bamboo charcoal also absorbs moisture and provides better insulation, durability, and softness.

The Hailstorm Umbrella

One of the biggest problems with cheap umbrellas is that they often blow inside out, rendering them useless. Windproof umbrellas are a rarity, but luckily, there are tough umbrellas that can withstand the rigors of thunderstorms without breaking. Additionally, these umbrellas can be used in intense sunshine. The UPF 50+ ratings can prevent the UV rays from causing damage to your skin. 

The inverted designs of these cutting-edge umbrellas also ensure that you don’t get leaking umbrellas in your home, or office since the wet side folds in and the dry side is left exposed. This extra-large umbrella is 104 cm in diameter and weighs almost half a kilo. Of course, there are several different brands available to consumers, and they can certainly add value to your life in the concrete jungle where rain is an urban matter.

Each of these accouterments, products, and lifestyle hacks can improve the quality of day-to-day life. They are designed to be inconspicuous, yet highly effective at providing an improved quality of life.

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