Students Society: The Best Places for Students in Chicago

Located on Lake Michigan, Chicago is the third-largest city in the US and home to some of the major universities. Some of the campuses located in the city are DePaul, University of Chicago, University of Illinois and Loyola University. The city has several other colleges. The universities admit tens of thousands of students each year and most of them come from other states in the US and some from abroad. As a result, there are a ton of wonderful places for students in Chicago to choose from. 


Pilsen is a great place for students and was founded by immigrants from the Czech Republic. It is located in Southwest, near UIC (University of Illinois), which makes Pilsen attract many students. The center is well connected to other parts of the city by public transport.  

This beautiful and vibrant neighborhood is loved by the Mexican-American student society. It has beautiful clothing stores, cost-friendly coffee shops, museums and low-cost food. The famous Thalia Hall is a great place for music lovers. 

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Human beings are social by nature and thrive better in a society with common ideologies. College students can feel more comfortable living in a neighborhood of students. Although they are all students, they come from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. 

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The Buckingham

The Buckingham is located on Van Buren Street, a convenient location with more than 20 colleges. From the student apartment, you can comfortably walk to most colleges nearby or take public transport that is just a few minutes away. 

The rooms are spacious with high-class amenities. They are fully furnished and each unit has a laundry. Students have access to the community movie theatre, fitness center and the lounge. Students enjoy the spectacular view of the lake while in the apartments. 

When students live in a society, they can share lots of benefits including assisting each other with assignment ideas and comforting one another when in need. It also creates a sense of security amongst the students.

Living in a large community of students can have its challenges, too. If you study Sociology, you will gain a better understanding of how to handle different people with diverse personalities from various cultures. 

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is located on the lakeside in a park that bears the same name. The park is well known and loved by students because of the beautiful vegetation and roads lined with trees. 

One of DePaul’s campuses is located near this neighborhood. Students have access to the Lincoln Park free zoo, the History Museum and the Nature Museum. There is also an elite shopping center and live music heritage. 

Wicker Park

Wicker Park is known as the student haven. Located west of Kennedy Expressway, Wicker Park is home to approximately 26,000 students. It is well known for its large bookshops, boutiques and art galleries. 

The night at Wicker Park becomes alive with music, food, drinks and dance. The center is famous for the artistic community and although it’s not located near any college, students can conveniently use public transport.  

1407 on Michigan

1407 on Michigan is located on southern Michigan Ave, Illinois. The apartment is known for parks, museums, restaurants and education. Some of the famous places like Adler, Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum are within walking distance. Some of the nearby colleges are Roosevelt University, Columbia College and East-West University. 

The neighborhood is accessible to public transport, walk and bike trails. Different communities live in this neighborhood and the apartment studios are famous for students. 


Bridgeport was named by CNN as one of the coolest places in Chicago. It is located close to the Universities of Illinois and Chicago, plus several other colleges like Roosevelt. Students have access to the nearby bars, restaurants and cafés. 

Bridgeport amenities include kitchen with fridge, dishwasher and electric appliances. Students can easily connect to any part of the city through public transport. 

Stay On Campus

Whether you go to the University of Illinois, Loyola, the Institute of Tech, or DePaul, there are some great places to chill out on campus. Even if you’re still in high school some of the bigger Chicago schools have some awesome campus spots to relax on. One of the main concerns with students over the last few years, unfortunately, is that of mass shootings or school/campus shootings. Students are, more than ever, concerned with the level of security a school exhibits. A lot of the time, parents will base their choice of school on the school security systems present. Likewise, students looking for a university might omit ones with lax security systems or ones with a history of problematic behaviour and instead opt for something more secure. With that said, campus can provide a lot of plus points like cheaper food, great facilities and more private areas to relax.


Chicago city is a major center of education because it has more than ten major universities, each with more than 20,000 students. Within a radius of 30 miles, the city also has more than 50 smaller private colleges with a large student population. The large population of students has attracted investors who have built beautiful and comfortable residences fit for students.  

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