Stay Safe from Road Gremlins with Guardian Bell

Are you wondering about the guardian bell motorcycle, then you are in the right place? I will tell you in detail what is guardian bell.

Everyone wants angels to stay safe from current or upcoming danger in life. Angels are messengers of God who protect us from any hazard. Likewise, I will tell you about a bell that protects bikers. That impressive bell is known as the guardian bell. 

Bikers use guardian bell to stay safe from road endangerment. For a long period hanging guardian had been a tradition for bikers. In this article, you will get almost all the information about the guardian bell.

What Does Guardian Bell Motorcycle Mean?

A Guardian bell motorcycle is a small bell that bikers hang with their motorcycles. It had made with a material called pewter. Guardian bell motorcycle are also called gremlin bells or spirit bells. The ideology behind hanging the guardian bell motorcycle with a bike is that the Holy Spirit does not let any road hazard happen with a bike or biker. That’s why it’s pervasive among the biker community to hang guardian bell motorcycle. 

Guardian bell motorcycle can be hanged on any motorcycle. This is available in different beautiful designs. It will give you a personalized look.

As per old biker vision, little gremlins on-road feel unique to distress bikers by causing crashes or accidents. They may cause mechanical problems in the motorcycle or make the motorcycle falls. So, the guardian bell motorcycle attracts the gremlins with its booming voice, fights with them, and kills them.

Gremlins always try to harm smooth running motorcycles by suddenly developing a bike-related crash or mechanical problem. The purpose of the guardian bell motorcycle is to prevent such kinds of problems for bikers. The sound of the guardian bell motorcycle takes out gremlins inside the bell. Guardian bell motorcycle captures them, fall them on the road, and destroys them. Gremlins cannot escape from the guardian bell motorcycle.

Why it’s Better to Hang Motorcycle Guardian Bell with your Bike?

If someone gives you a motorcycle guardian bell as a gift, it’s perfect because the magic will be doubled, but it will still work if you buy it by yourself. If someone steals a motorcycle guardian bell, it will act as bad luck because there is an assumption that all evils and gremlins will come with it. The result will reverse in this case.

If a rider gives the motorcycle guardian bell to his friend or loved one with good intentions, the bell will effectively protect that friend. The person who gifts you a motorcycle guardian bell loves you and cares for you to stay safe. So that goodwill activates the motorcycle guardian bell, and holy spirits can fly fast.

A motorcycle guardian bell is an excellent gift for your loved one if he is a biker. Because there is significantly less chance of becoming a victim when he is putting a motorcycle guardian bell on his bike, if he is alone in a deserted place, he will feel that someone is protecting him from any threatening situation. You will also feel less worried about him.

Where to Hang Guardian Bell?

As the gremlins are crawling on the road and trying so much to capture the motorcycle as it passes the way, the low-hanging guardian bell will create many possibilities that the gremlins will be grabbed by it immediately. 

You have to find a suitable place to hang the guardian bell on your motorcycle. The place should be near the road to grab the evils quickly. You have to take care that the hanging guardian bell should not disturb the moving wheels or other bike parts.

The best place to horrify the gremlins quickly by hanging the guardian bell is the forward point of the bike. The peg on your bike is where you put your feet for rest, and you can hang the guardian bell there. You have to put it safely. 

Many people use safety wire to hang the guardian bell, but it can create scratches. So, a zip tie is the best option, and it’s also durable. You must attach the guardian bell nicely and tightly. Take the guardian bell over the peg and wrap it around the peg. Tie it tight knot and pull it. Cut the rest of the cable tie.


A guardian bell is the best gift for a rider. It also works well if given as a gift, so if your loved one is a biker, you must prefer it. A guardian bell symbolizes protection for a biker. Guardian bell motorcycle is a powerful bond of love, friendship, and care. So, no one should steal it to use. I hope you have got all information about the guardian bell in this article.

Featured Image Credit: American Legend Rider