“Squid Game” Contestant Denies Harsh Filming Conditions Claims

Squid Game premiered on Netflix in 2021 and quickly became a global sensation. Today, the popular TV show has inspired an equally intriguing reality show that is based on the original show’s theme. However, it isn’t as gore or unpleasantly lethal as the fictional show. Yet, while the reality show was being filmed, several contestants claimed that the filming conditions were very harsh. So much so, that several contestants fainted and were carried to the medical bay in stretchers. Yet, one contestant has denied the claims stating it wasn’t as harsh as claimed by his fellow participants. Who is this contestant? What did he have to say about the Netflix reality show’s filming conditions? Keep reading to find out the details!

Michael Birmingham Was Contestant Number 245

Among the 456 contestants participating in the game for $4.5 Million, was a former law enforcement officer. Michael Bermingham, who hails from Cedar Grove, served as a dedicated detective for more than 25 years. As an enthusiastic admirer of Netflix’s original show, Michael found out about Squid Game: The Challenge. After being selected from more than 120,000 participants, he was selected as player number 245.

The latest Netflix reality show debuted on the streaming platform on November 22. And, the first game in this reality show was the iconic “Red Light, Green Light”. This particular game was also a part of the original TV show that led to the elimination of several participants. However, Michael successfully completed this level and made it to the “Dalgona” stage before being eliminated. He explained that he had to remove the star shape from the sugary honeycombs. However, it was a small hairline crack that led to his elimination.

Michael Birmingham Squid Game: The Challenge Netflix
Michael Birmingham Squid Game: The Challenge Netflix

While the contestant did confirm that the game was “absolutely grueling” making it difficult for the participants to proceed to the next level, he didn’t dub it harsh. Unlike other contestants, he claimed that Studio Lambert, the show’s production team, informed them about everything. He explained that the temperature was a bit cold. However, nobody was subjected to any dangerous filming conditions.

When Will Squid Game: The Challenge Air Episode 10?

Talking about his experience on the reality show, Michael revealed that the contestants weren’t allowed to use any technology. Moreover, phone calls were only for emergencies. He also added that the human interaction was great without phones interrupting the conversations. A memorable moment for him was seeing how the reality show was so similar to the OG show, especially the dorms.

“I really hope viewers see how amazing it was to bring people from all over the world,” Michael explained.

Overall, the contestant’s tactic was to build reliable alliances while staying out of anyone’s radar. His family and friends were all excited to watch him on the reality show. While he didn’t bag the big prize, he revealed that he would surely do this again if given a chance.

Currently, the show has aired nine episodes and the final episode will be released on December 6 revealing the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge. Episode 9 of the reality show revealed the final three players Mai (Player 287), Sam (Player 016), & Phill (Player 451).

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