Six Tips for Driving in a Busy City: Cabs, Pedestrians, Car Insurance, and More

Driving in a busy city is a very different experience from driving in towns and rural areas or on highways. Yes, you should always be alert and focused when at the wheel of a car. But you need to have your wits about you, even more, when driving in a big city. Here are six tips you should check out.

Keep Away from Cabs

Any big city has numerous cabs. If you are not used to driving in a busy city, the behavior of the cab drivers could take you unawares. They will often make sudden swerves to the edges of roads to pick up fares.

So, be extra cautious of cabs. In fact, due to the unpredictable behavior of many cab drivers, it is best to keep a safe distance away from them at all times.

Stay Alert for Pedestrians

Pedestrians getting in and out of cabs can also be problematic. So can pedestrians in most other places in any busy city.

Not all pedestrians in big cities follow the rules of the road. Some will cross at pedestrian crossings even when the light is red. Others will cross roads where there is no pedestrian crossing.

So, do not assume that just because pedestrians should not be on the road, they are actually following the rules.

It is important to always be alert for pedestrians no matter where you are in a large and bustling metropolis.

Make Sure You Have the Car Insurance You Need

With potential dangers like swerving cabs and pedestrians on the road, it is vital you have a good car insurance policy so that you are protected should you be involved in an accident.

Sure, you will want to find car insurance at a low cost, but you should also compare different insurers to see exactly what is covered in their policies.

Begin your search at When you have the car insurance that is right for your particular needs, you can be better prepared for the risks that come from driving in a busy city.

Keep a Safe Distance Away from Cyclists

As if cabs making sudden movements and unruly pedestrians were not bad enough, you also need to be extra alert for cyclists in most busy cities.

Bicycles are commonly used in many cities to travel around because it means you can avoid sitting in traffic. Bikes are greener too.

But with so many cyclists on the roads of large cities, it is one more thing that you need to be extra cautious of.

Stay alert of cyclists at all times and always maintain a safe distance away from them to avoid getting involved in a collision.

Also, be aware that many cities have specific lanes for bicycles. Never steer your vehicle into those lanes under any circumstances.

Check Traffic Reports Before Setting Out

Busy cities are clogged with traffic every day, so you need to be prepared for delays.

You should always allow yourself extra time when driving through a city. Some days will be more congested than others. On bad days, delays in big cities can be incredibly frequent. 

So, it is a good idea to check traffic reports before setting out; especially if you are driving to an important meeting.

 Leaving early is always recommended when driving in a busy city. On days when traffic reports suggest congestion is extremely bad, you might want to leave the car at home and get public transport instead.


Whether the roads are highly congested or not, it can be challenging to navigate a busy city. So, consider using GPS navigational aids; especially if you are traveling to a city that you have not visited before.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay