‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals He Never Loved His Ex-Wives

Sister Wives Season 18’s first Tell-All episode has finally aired and fans got to learn a lot about the polygamous family. With Kody Brown now down to one wife, Robyn Brown, the 54-year-old is now struggling to accept the reality of how things have panned out. In the latest Tell-All episode, Kody, while talking to the host Sukanya Krishnan, revealed that he never loved his former wives. Why did he say so? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Never Vetted Who He Was Marrying

While at the beginning of the show, Kody was as gleeful as a young boy in love, today, after 13 years, he is a changed man. He claims he never loved Meri, Janelle, or Christine and it was only when he met Robyn, he realized what love was. However, in Meri’s case, he had admitted long back that he didn’t love her and was only with her for the sake of his beliefs and religion.

Talking to the host about his newfound realization towards his former wives, Kody Brown said, “I was so anxious to be living the principle of plural marriage that I was not vetting who I was marrying to be compatible with me.”

He further added, “The blame lays on one thing and one thing only. If you’re going to marry and you’re going to marry for eternity, you should start out in love. I thought I was acceptable. And, I thought I could make up the difference. I thought everything in this situation with all three wives. This isn’t about being, like, in love. This is about growing a family together.”

Janelle Brown Feels Kody Brown Has Changed

The Brown family patriarch explained how the gospel required him to love all his wives equally. However, he never felt that passionate love for Christine, Meri, or Janelle, as he did for Robyn. He claimed that he just was with his former wives as a pack of love but not for real love.

Janelle Brown Sukanya Krishnan Sister Wives YouTube
Janelle Brown Sukanya Krishnan Sister Wives YouTube

However, in the same Tell-All episode, Janelle claimed otherwise. She believes that Kody did love them, not more than he loves Robyn, but there was love for sure. The mother of six claims he has grown a lot and changes with time and so has everyone in the family. She claimed it was unfair of him to judge the early years of their relationship to the present with the exact same perspective. Janelle stated that Kody isn’t the same guy now as he was earlier.

“I don’t think we had this grand passion, and maybe Robyn is his grand passion. I don’t know. But what we had was good,” she added.

Furthermore, Kody explained that he felt both safe and vulnerable with Robyn. He even wept out of joy for months after meeting her. For Kody, Robyn was someone who he immediately clicked with yet that never happened with his other wives even though he tried for years.

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