‘Sister Wives’: Season 18 Tell All Episode To Have A Special Debut

With Sister Wives Season 18 nearing its end, fans are eagerly awaiting the Tell-All episode. The episode with Sukanya Krishnan as the host is all set to air its first installment on November 26. While the previous season had three Tell-All episodes, the latest season is set to have a total of four installments and a welcome surprise. As the cast of the TLC reality show open up and share their sides with the host, there is a new face among the familiar ones. So, who is this new face set to debut on Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All episodes? Keep reading to find out the details!

Sister Wives Tell-All Host Sukanya Krishnan Returns

Season 18 focuses on the aftermath of Christine’s separation from Kody and how the family has now fallen apart. The show also highlighted how Janelle and Kody are no longer together yet the former isn’t ready to let go of her past. While now Christine is married to David Woolley, the show hasn’t covered that in the latest season. However, fans might still get to meet the new man in Christine’s life in the Tell-All episode.

In the latest trailer for the Season 18 Tell-All episode, the host Sukanya asks Janelle whether she has met David. After she confirms that she has surely met him, the mother of six adds, “Oh, I think he’s great.”

Soon, the host is seen calling out Christine’s new man and says, “David, come on out!” This was followed by Christine declaring, “You’re going to meet the love of my life.”

As Christine’s husband entered the room, he greeted Sukanya, and the clip cut off. While it is unclear what David would contribute to the Tell-All episode, it will surely add to the entertainment quotient.

Christine Brown Got Married To David Woolley In October 2023

Ever since Christine Brown revealed that she was dating David, fans have been nothing but supportive of her. And after she recently got married to him on October 7, it was no less than a fairytale beginning for the TLC star. Christine announced her separation from Kody Brown back in 2021. Later, in February 2023, on Instagram, she announced that she was dating someone. She even went on to dub David, the love of her life.

Christine Brown David Woolley Instagram
Christine Brown David Woolley Instagram

“The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took its first breath. He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children, and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this,” she wrote.

While fans are excited about the Tell-All episode, some feel it would be a snooze-fest like the previous season. On Reddit, one fan shared, “Yea it’s gonna be another tell nothing coddle Kody fest.”

Another fan bashed the host and said, “Beyond disappointed. She’s useless for this role and seems to have been told to let Kody say literally whatever he wants and don’t call him out on anything, ever. It’s honestly pathetic.”

“I’m pissed. She is somehow weirdly charmed by Kody and that makes her a f*cking idiot. No better than Robyn,” claimed a third fan.

So, are you excited about the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All episode? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with Urban Matter for the latest news!