How to Win in Parimatch: How to Bet Correctly for Beginners

To win at Parimatch, you need to follow the basic principles of betting and use the bonuses of this betting company. Below we will consider what makes it possible to make a profit over a long distance from betting in “Parimatch”.

1. Bets on the sports, in which you know.

The chances of winning are higher if you are betting on a sport you are familiar with. Some players bet on everything. In most cases, this leads to losing the pot. Determine which tournaments you can follow regularly, and this will improve the quality of your analysis.

2. Learn to determine the probability of the outcome.

For example, in the Liverpool vs. Chelsea soccer match the bookies have the following odds: 2.00 for a home team win, 3.65 for a draw and 3.70 for a away team win.

Let’s calculate the odds for each of the outcomes:

Liverpool win 0.50: 1 / 2.00.

Draw 0.27: 1 / 3.65.

Chelsea win 0.27: 1 / 3.70.

The total is 1.04: 0.50 + 0.27 + 0.27.

The bookmaker’s margin is 4%: (1.04 – 1) х 100%.

Let’s calculate the final probability by deducting the extra 4%:

Liverpool win 0.48: 0.50 / 1.04.

Draw 0.26: 0.27 / 1.04.

Chelsea win 0.26: 0.27 / 1.04.

Margin of 4% is a fraction of all bets that the bookmaker will earn. At the end of one match BC may be in deficit, but over the long haul matches on average make a profit equal to the margin.

To go in the plus, you need to look for mismatches in the bookmaker’s estimates and bet on the underestimated selections. If you think Liverpool will win with a 51% probability or more, then betting on such outcomes can be profitable if correctly evaluated.

3. learn how to react to the movement of the line.

The odds show the probability of a particular outcome taking into account the margin. Quotes can change for two reasons:

A change in the balance of power;

A large preponderance in the volume of bets on one of the outcomes.

If you are expecting a large volume of bets on the selected outcome, it is more profitable to bet on it as early as possible. The odds on the already mentioned Liverpool victory can drop from 2.00 to 1.85 just because of the activity of other clients of the BC.


4. decide on a gambling strategy

Become an expert in a particular field:

Identify the sports to bet on;

Make a list of championships to analyze;

Preferred types of bets: single, express, system;

Betting mode: Bet on the event in pre-match or LIVE.

Analysis of unpopular sports and second-rate championships takes a lot of time, and the evaluation may be incorrect due to the lack of up-to-date information. Adjust your strategy on a virtual account.

5. Choose a financial strategy for betting

Decide on the bankroll allocation rules for betting, such as Martingale strategy, a fixed percentage of the pot or flat.

Even with 65-75% of your selections going the distance you can still end up with a loss, but 25-35% of your selections being successful can be profitable. It depends not only on the odds, but also on your financial management strategy.

Over time, you will cultivate a responsible approach to betting, following the principles and rules of the chosen system. When playing for money, emotions and gambling are your main enemies.

6. Watch out for bookmaker promotions

Take part in promotions with bonuses and betting insurance, which are regularly published on the official website.

For example, a correctly guessed minute of a goal scored in a match, a prediction on the winner of a tournament or Express Plus, which allows you to bet at higher odds.

If you make bets according to the chosen strategy, follow financial principles, take into account the movement of the line and analyze matches qualitatively, it is possible to win at betting at Parimatch. Do not count on bonuses and promotions as the main reason for success. This is only an additional reward, but no more than that.

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