Movie Images that Remain Popular with Gen X to Gen Z Students

Generations X to Z do not seem to have much in common. Actually, they try to stay as different from each other as they can, with Z flexing some muscle that X cannot even seem to fathom. It’s almost obvious to a Gen X person that Gen Z is self-absorbed and totally out of touch while the Zoomers believe Boomers just need to relax. It’s not that serious, they seem always to be saying. But here’s something interesting; these three very vastly different generations seem to share a love for good art.

Here’s something about a good film; it is timeless. It weaves through generations without losing its authenticity. Film students in the 60s would have loved it because it was made for their time, but a really good film will still impact a class in 2020 with its storyline. It could be in its title that would be so perfectly woven in the story as though the writer used to generate it, or in the way the dialogue catches your attention unforgettably. When you find young film students looking for inspiration for their essay papers from old films, then you know you are looking at a timeless work of art. 

The Makings of a Masterpiece

People have different tastes in art, so that one person’s idea of the greatest movie of all time is just ordinary to the next. That said, the best movies, as regarded by most people, have these things in common:

Great Directorship

A movie director determines the dialogues, cast, and screenplay that all bring to life any words written. A writer could research and write their best work yet, but they need the right cast to bring them to life. Good directors have a strong point of view to bring everything together cohesively if they are to create a timeless piece. 

Strong Storyline

People react to dialogues that are brought together by a memorable storyline. A movie could speak of a condition at the time it was released or some past event that is then acted so beautifully to bring out a story that you can try but never forget. Stories reach deep into the story and will bring out emotions effortlessly. 

Movies that Have Held up

Some of these movies were made popular by their cast. Some actors are so talented that they make a role their own and bring so much light to an entire film.  

The Shawshank Redemption

This crowd-pleaser was released in 1994, but the storyline is still relevant to date. It is set at a maximum-security facility as it follows a friendship forged between two inmates. Their connection that leads to years of planning an escape capture the audience emotionally, and the ending that fills viewers with hope is perhaps the ultimate clincher. 

The Godfather

The Godfather Trilogy is one of the most popular crime stories ever told surrounding the Corleone family. Don Corleone, an Italian mafia and patriarch of one of the most powerful families, is almost assassinated in the first movie, and so the rest show how the family tries to maintain some form of balance without their leader at the helm. The story is captivating, intense, funny, violent, and emotional, and all these aspects combine to make it one of the most-watched films. 

12 Years a Slave

Set in the plantations, this movie follows the story of slavery in a way history books have failed to capture. The images from an era some authorities have tried to ignore or forget show humanity at its lowest and best. The victory that marks the end of an inhuman era and the faces of people who sacrificed their lives make this movie unforgettable. 

The Star Wars Franchise

One of the greatest creations of all time is Star Wars, set in a far-away galaxy where the Jedi works tirelessly to protect the empire. It is an entire franchise of which The Empire Strikes Back is ranked the highest at the moment. Perhaps being set in a universe that looks nothing like what we are used to, paired with superheroes, is what makes Star Wars the great deal it is today and far into the future. 

Endless Possibilities

Gen Z writers, college-goers, and upcoming filmmaking personalities know no boundaries. That is one of the things that sets them apart from previous generations. They have soaked in the education, skills, and knowledge shared by the previous generations and are now in a position to develop amazing content that will be enjoyed for generations to come. With such a rich history, students have so many essays and published studies for reference. 

Movie Images Featured Image Credit: Pexels