Ligandrol LGD-4033 SARMs Review – Buy Legal Crazy Bulk Ligan 4033 SARM Alternative OTC

As a performance-enhancing drug, LGD 4033 is currently used by athletes and pro bodybuilders to improve hormonal levels of testosterone and HGH. Ligandrol also addresses the wasting of muscle and bone health which in medical terms is called Osteoporosis and Muscle Wasting Disease. LGD 4033 ability speaks of muscle mass growth due to which it became popular and a success in the bodybuilding community. Click Here to Buy Ligandrol

Recreational use of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator is allowed by the medical community but this doesn’t involve SARMs use for bodybuilding. It’s because the fitness field is a widespread thing where individuals with intense energy and vigor to perform physical exercise gets to win. SARMs and Anabolic Steroids are used for the exciting bodybuilding endeavor which provides the best results if used correctly. 

It’s also important to track down the side effects of the compound to make the cycle safe. Ligandrol LGD-4033 SARM is a newly developed compound on which there isn’t much information available but we tried to track down some. 

What is LGD-4033?

In the world of banned chemicals, LGD 4033 also known as Ligandrol is the most active performance-enhancing drug in 2022. One thing that we want to clarify, no SARMs were made for bodybuilding goals but to treat various medical illnesses which are untreatable using normal medicines. However, bodybuilders from different regions adore Ligandrol for what it can do! 

Ligandrol Benefits – What is LGD 4033 Good for?

For bodybuilding objectives, Ligandrol is a versatile compound that has multiple health-related benefits. The important one is the bulking-up mechanism after using the drug which becomes visible within a few days. Increasing the chest broadness and vascularity in the muscles is what bodybuilders use LGD 4033 for. 

Ligandrol has more reasons to be used in bodybuilding and that’s because of the following benefits. 

  • It encourages the growth of lean mass- without fat
  • Skyrocketed physical stamina and endurance
  • Unwanted fat burn- weight loss
  • Prevent muscle wasting disease
  • Improve the bone mineral density
  • Improves mental performance 
  • Prohibit muscle fatigue and promote recovery
  • Improve sculpting effects on the body
  • Best for body recomposition goal

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How Long Does it Take for LGD 4033 Ligandrol to work?

LGD 4033 is a research compound that sometimes brings great results. SARMs start working immediately on the body and this may take a maximum of 3 days of use. After using LGD 4033 for a moderate amount of time number of bodybuilders found it’s a fast-acting SARM than the rest. 

According to most bodybuilders, SARMs like LGD 4033 boosted their energy levels significantly and stimulated muscle growth. The difference was spotted after using Ligandrol for 2 weeks. 

What are the Side Effects of Ligandrol?

Dry mouth and headaches are two common side effects of Ligandrol which happens at any cost. However, there are more upsetting side effects from LGD 4033 use which occur at any time during its intake or afterward.

High Cholesterol Levels

LGD 4033 has a serious effect on HDL cholesterol with over 40% reduction in its level after 3 weeks. The dosage given was 1mg/day only which caused a drastic reduction in HDL levels. Reduction of healthy cholesterol like HDL is a serious threat to the cardiovascular health of a person and it further increases the risk of atherosclerosis (Fats deposition in the arteries) which then leads to stroke and myocardial infarction. 

Testosterone Suppression

Although SARMs have a different chemical structure than steroids they still suppress the healthy levels of testosterone hormone. This is due to the antagonism of the androgen receptors after the chemical binds to them aggressively. This would also lead to the decreased levels of Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone which are crucial for testosterone production in the body. 


This was elucidated from a clinical study where 76 healthy men were given LGD 4033 in 0.1-1mg/day dosage for 21 days and no changes were found in the serum aminotransferases levels. However, upon being given the 10mg/day Ligandrol dosage for 2 weeks, some men developed jaundice which indicates clear hepatotoxicity. Following LGD 4033 Sarm use for bodybuilding, some people also developed a hepatocellular liver injury.

Gynecomastia and Excessive Water Retention

Only in theories, using LGD 4033 isn’t associated with causing estrogen-related side effects because it does not aromatize directly. However, Ligandrol strictly decreases testosterone levels by binding to the androgen receptors. Once the levels of testosterone are depleted, the chemical becomes available for binding with other receptors where estrogen comes first. 

So, we can conclude LGD 4033 increases estrogen levels indirectly which puts a huge risk of bloating effects and gynecomastia in males. 


Ligandrol users also reported shedding of hair on the scalp which is the same with anabolic steroids. Although LGD 4033 binding ability to the androgen receptors is weak there are a few reasons why it causes alopecia in users. 

Similar to high levels of estrogen brought up by Ligandrol indirectly, it also promotes the levels of DHT which is a hormone responsible for follicle miniaturization on the scalp. This increases the chances of the androgenic alopecia in users. 

How Long Should I Cycle Ligandrol?

LGD 4033 only cycle is enough for the extraordinary muscle gains and to improve physical performance. A number of bodybuilders use Ligandrol for either bulking cycle or to support stamina or strength in the sports field. 

If you are using LGD 4033 in a 1mg/day dosage then the ideal cycle length is 8 weeks. For someone who is using a 10mg/day dosage, performing LGD 4033 cycle for 4-6 weeks is sufficient for the possible gains. 

A suitable LGD 4033 is only 8 weeks long which provides plenty of positive results while keeping the health risks to a minimum. 

Ligandrol Dosage

For medical use or in clinical trials, the normal LGD 4033 dosage is 0.5-2mg/day. 

During clinical trials on Ligandrol, many participants who received 1mg/day dosage reported serious testosterone suppression which raised some other concerns as well. Starting Ligandrol cycle from the lowest possible dosage is mandatory to negate these side effects. As a potential SARM, ligandrol meets the requirements of bodybuilders and athletes in a low dosage. 

While some fools still be using Ligandrol in 15-20mg daily dosage which is risky and too dangerous for the overall hormonal suppression. Female bodybuilders are allowed to take LGD-4033 SARM in a 5mg/day dosage. Ligandrol shares a half-life of 24 hours so you have to take a single dose daily. In case of experiencing headaches and fatigue-like side effects, you can split the dosage.

Ligandrol Before and After Results

Out of the strongest SARMs on the market, Ligandrol is the best one for bulking phase even in the lowest dosage. Ligandrol users expectedly got faster results as most of them gained over 15 pounds of lean mass within the cycle range of 8-12 weeks. 

Within a few weeks, the Ligandrol formula transforms men’s physique into an extraordinary one just like anabolic steroids would so. The minor androgenic activity of SARMs is the reason why men are using them with ease but it’s hard to find the original one. 

In clinical trials, only 1mg Ligandrol dose led to an average 2.67 pounds gain after 12 weeks. Elevating and subtracting the dosage during this cycle could easily get 15-20 pounds of muscle mass. 

LGD 4033 Ligandrol with PCT

All SARMs even Ligandrol has a suppressive effects on testosterone and the HPTA system. It’s because their action on the androgen receptor is selective unlike anabolic steroids, there is a whole new requirement for PCT with SARMs cycle. You can replenish the suppressed testosterone levels by using natural testosterone boosters. 

Users who’ve had large Ligandrol dosage faced difficulty recovering and after blood analysis, you would get to see which PCT you need exactly. You can visit a doctor to have a picture of your hormonal health and review your reports so he/she can analyze how depleted your testosterone and estrogen levels are. After which you will be given a suitable PCT option to overcome the suppressive side effects of Ligandrol. 

General PCT products after following the LGD-4033 cycle involve Tamoxifen available by the brand name Novaldex or Clomifene which you can find as Clomid easily from local pharmacies. 

Who Should Not Use Ligandrol?

LGD 4033 is a potentially active SARM that is being used by a variety of athletes, wrestlers, and bodybuilders illegally. Anyone who is at the beginner levels of bodybuilding should refrain from using Ligandrol and also individuals under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to use LGD-4033 either. 

Pregnant females are strictly prohibited from using SARMs especially Ligandrol for it might be causing teratogenic effects. 

LGD 4033 Ligandrol with MK-677

Stacking Ligandrol with Ibutamoren (HGH Releaser), users can expect up to 5 pounds of muscle mass as well as unwanted fat elimination within the first few weeks. With time, GD 4033 and MK 677 users noticed a considerable amount of strength which keeps on increasing every week. Some people gained more than 5 pounds of muscle mass which again depends on the workout training and your dietary intake.

Without a well-planned dietary regimen and hardcore exercise routine, most LGD 4033 users explained they could only gain 5lbs muscle mass and lost 3% of body fat. You can see Ligandrol before and after pictures of many bodybuilders who transformed their bodies using the normal dosage without harsh exercise and a restricted diet. 

Using Ligandrol with Mk 677, there are a few extra benefits from Ibutamoren use which are quality sleep and huge shoulders. It’s because Mk 677 is a growth hormone secretagogue that improves the health of nails, hair, and skin. Users might also experience increased hunger which can be problematic at times, this can be eliminated by avoiding the intake of MK 677 with LGD 4033. 

Where to Buy Ligandrol for Sale?

At a higher price, SARMs like Ligandrol in the US market are available from suspicious markets. This doesn’t guarantee whether you’re buying a reliable supplement or the counterfeit one. 

In 2022, most recommendations from bodybuilders confirm the use of the Ligandrol Legal Alternative from Crazy Bulk. The company is known for making over 20 different natural supplements that got the inspiration from the best steroids and Sarms for bodybuilding. In the next section, you can find the best alternative to Ligandrol on sale and it has no toxic chemicals inside. 

Crazy Bulk Ligan 4033 (Legal Alternative to LGD-4033 Ligandrol)

Ligan 4033 from Crazybulk USA is the latest achievement of modern science that stops the requirement for SARMs use in bodybuilding. Ligan 4033 is the 100% natural and clean alternative to Ligandrol SARM which is still counted as a “Research Compound”. Natural ingredients in Ligan trigger a mechanism that mimics the LGD 4033 mechanism and provide major gains in the gym. The supplement is easy to use and it has no side effects that are attached to Ligandrol structure i.e. testosterone suppression, gynecomastia, liver toxicity, etc. 

There are organic ingredients available in Ligan 4033 formula that works for More Testosterone, Endurance, Bulk and Intense Recovery. These are:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitacholine
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane 
  • Beetroot Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Schisandra

LIGA 4033 Benefits

  • Increased bulking process naturally
  • Helps reveal lean muscle mass growth
  • Helps with fat metabolism and fat oxidation
  • Improve free testosterone levels
  • Makes you go insanely crazy at the gym
  • Better gains with no liver or estrogen-related side effects
  • Energized physique with greater pumping skills
  • Faster recovery to help with soreness

LIGA 4033 is designed closely and provide sufficient daily nutritional requirement for beginner and professional bodybuilders. It covers major aspects of bodybuilding which are:

  • Better Pumps
  • Muscle Strength &
  • More Gains

How to Use LIGA 4033?

Crazy Bulk mentioned the dosage of their legal Sarms is plain and should be taken with water. Liga 4033 daily dosage is 4 capsules about half an hour before starting workout exercise. Using LIGA 4033 continuously for 3 months renders the best possible outcomes as mentioned above. 

Where to Buy LOGA 4033 and Pricing

The best place to buy SARMs alternatives on Sale, in this case, is the official site of Crazy Bulk. There is a perk of buying LIGA 4033 from the official website which is the money-back guarantee and price with 30-40% discount offers. 

Here is the pricing mentioned for 1, 2, and 3 months supply of LIGA 4033. 

  1. LIGA 4033 1 Month Supply is available for $69.99, the initial price for the product was $84.9
  2. You can purchase LIGA 4033 2 Months supply and get 1 month’s supply for free at only $139.99, the starting price for this package was $254.90
  3. Buy LIGA 4033 3 Months Supply on which you will get 2 months supply for free for $209.99 instead of the retail price of $424.90

Crazybulk LIGA 4033 Refund Policy

Apart from their reasonable price on legal SARMs, Crazy Bulk is 100% confident in their supplement’s efficacy and therefore it’s backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the users of LIGA 4033 are not satisfied with the results, they can return both used and unused bottles in the original container within 67 days and get their money back. You can find more information about their refund policy on the official website. 

LIGA 4033 Vs Ligandrol LGD-4033

The dire need for SARMs only pops when there is a medical-related condition a person’s facing. Except for such situations, the use of Ligandrol SARM is banned all over the world including in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries. 

To analyze if the natural version of LGD-4033 is better or not, we have some points to differentiate between them. 

  • LIGA 4033 is an Over-the-Counter SARM that is sold without prescription as a dietary supplement
  • Ligandrol is not available without the prescription unless you have some eerie contacts on black market
  • LIGA 4033 before and after results are almost similar to original SARMs without the side effects
  • With great results, Ligandrol LGD-4033 SARM has a wide array of side effects both moderate and dangerous ones
  • Buying Crazy Bulk Liga 4033 is easier from the online website
  • Ligandrol is not available online for sale
  • No estrogen dominance, testosterone suppression, and gynecomastia were reported from natural Liga 4033 use
  • Ligandrol is associated with causing all those symptoms even in slightly higher dosage
  • The price for a whole month’s supply of LIGA 4033 is only $69.99
  • A single dosage of Ligandrol in capsule or injection form cost around 50-100 bucks
  • LIGA 4033 is suitable for female bodybuilders who want to attain extra bulk
  • Ligandrol is used for more than a month is known to cause virilization in females
  • LIGA 4033 is clinically tested and safe for normal use
  • Ligandrol is still under the “Research Drug” list which is banned for bodybuilding use

Wrapping Up

Ligandrol is one of the most famous SARMs for bulking cycles and its ability to improve anabolic gains with high energy levels. LGD-4033 cycle depends on the condition of an individual and also the dosage or cycle length which can also be an invitation to the devastating side effects. Under close monitoring and the lowest possible dosage, a person could gain 3-5 kg of lean body mass within an 8-week cycle. These benefits also appear when you use natural Ligandrol instead! 

Keeping the devastating side effects in mind, it is by the recommendation of professional bodybuilding experts that the LGD-4033 legal alternative should be used instead. Crazy Bulk LIGA 4033 is by far the best version of Ligandrol SARM which offer amazing gains and augmented body composition with energy levels you could use for hours in the gym. 

According to the LIGA 4033 customer review, high energy demand is one thing that can get you through any type of exercise and this is done by the legal supplement without the negative after-effects. 

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