How to Improve Customer Service: 3 Practical Tips

Since your customers are what will keep your business going, it is essential that they consistently feel appreciated, helped, listened to, and satisfied when they do business with you.

In the business world, there is a statistic that is often referenced: it is far more cost-effective to maintain consumers that you already have than it is to acquire new ones. With repeat business accounting for an average of 65% of all sales, it’s clear why it’s important to keep your current clientele happy. About 4 out of 5 consumers give customer service the same value as the quality of the product or service when making a purchase decision.

The quality of the customer service provided has a significant impact not only on the number of existing customers retained but also on the number of new customers acquired.

Businesses that consistently go above and beyond for their customers build an indestructible reputation. While a consumer is still in the contemplation phase of the buying process, they are more likely to make a purchase if they have positive expectations about the quality of the after-sale support they will get and the ease with which they may return a product that isn’t quite right.

Beyond this, excellent customer service demonstrates an understanding of the concerns of today’s buyers. Customers nowadays often switch between channels and different touchpoints. So, to increase client happiness, show that you care by being present where they are. You risk losing money if you get it wrong. Customers have more options than ever before when it comes to leaving you for competition.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll take a look at three distinct ways to improve your customer service and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

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Improve the Client Experience by Using Technology

As we advance further into the age of technology, there is mounting evidence that the automation of routine operations is altering the course of customer service. To save money and increase efficiency, more and more businesses are incorporating chatbots, user-friendly knowledge bases, and other forms of self-service options into their websites. You can make your day and your clients’ day simpler by automating these processes and letting your consumers find the answers on their own.

You can move one step closer to perfecting your strategy for improving the client experience by considering incorporating reliable customer support tools into your toolbox. Keep in mind that you’ll likely need to implement more than one customer support tool, so assess your needs and conduct thorough research before making a decision.

Get Feedback and Use It to Grow

Customers can teach you a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of your customer care methods. When they have been helped by your representatives, all you have to do is ask for their thoughts. You may accomplish this in a variety of ways, such as by having them fill out a quick survey or by having them use a scale from 1 to 10.

Be sure that the time and energy invested in providing the feedback is reasonable, regardless of the approach you use. A decent rule of thumb is to ensure that it can be completed in three to five minutes. If it takes longer, clients aren’t going to bother with it, and you won’t learn anything useful about how to improve your customer service.

Clear Communication

In order to provide outstanding customer service, it is crucial to be able to communicate properly both orally and in writing, particularly when interacting with customers whose first language is not English. A clear, precise, and conversational tone should characterize the responses to your inquiries.

Consumers want explanations, but they don’t require exhaustive information. Further information may be given if necessary, although in most cases, the quicker the problem is fixed, the better. Asking the client if there is anything more that needs to be addressed before hanging up the phone is one way to ensure that they get the opportunity to ask any last questions that remain unanswered before the call is ended.

If you must put them on hold while you access their account information or consult with a supervisor, make sure to inform them of the expected wait time. In real-time conversations, it’s particularly important to avoid hanging around without contributing.

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Final Thoughts

Excellent customer service is crucial for survival in today’s competitive business world. These three practical tips for improving your customer service efforts may help you do just that. You don’t need a lot of effort or money to adopt any of these strategies. So start working on them right away to keep your customers happy.


Image Credit: Photo by Berkeley Communications on Unsplash