Famous Late Night Hosts Practice Social Distancing by Doing Their Live Shows from Home 

The best substitute for typical news anchors these days could be from your favorite late show hosts. After all, you’re only human, and so are they. If you’re in need of a chuckle during the pandemic to realize it’s okay to be human, be sure to check out these clips from late night hosts doing their live shows from home.

Stephen Colbert

Bubbles? Check. AirPods? Check. Stephen Colbert dressed in a suit whilst in a bubble bath? Check. A late-night host for everyone, Stephen Colbert attempts to maintain sanity with his virtual audience — you! You won’t want to miss his updates on Twitter. From trying to fix a flat bicycle tire to discovering fire, Stephen Colbert realistically points out what you’re all thinking: have I always been this weird?

See this clip of Stephen attempting to fix a flat bicycle tire:

  1. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel brings you a more intimate look into his life while giving others the center stage. For one, his children’s artwork and sing-song voices commence every evening on YouTube (it’s adorable!). He also makes every effort to feature the humanity of viewers with every quarantine hack and story that doesn’t make you want to scream. From #FormalFriday to #quarantimekiller, Kimmel ensures that the community laughs together despite being physically apart. Keep up with his monologues on his YouTube channel.

See this clip from April 2nd with Jimmy Kimmel at Home:


Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers brings his dry sense of humor from Saturday Night Live to his daily updates on YouTube. With guests, like Amy Poehler and Bernie Sanders, Seth Meyers offers a different take on the pandemic, complete with favorite segments from his current talk show. Be on the lookout for a “Really?” segment with Poehler – harkening back to Saturday Night Live broadcast of the past. Although more political in nature, Seth Meyers updates his virtual audience with top-notch guests and witty clapbacks.

See this clip from April 2nd in which Seth explains the “quaran-teen” slang:


Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is known for his quirky activities with famous television personalities and movie stars alike. It should come as no surprise that his virtual show (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition on YouTube) is endearing and as candid as ever. With stars like Demi Lovato, Adam Sandler, and Lady Gaga, Fallon invites quirky participation from afar to bring a dash of laughter with a wholesome twist to your home. Featuring a new charity with every video, Fallon shows that you can forge community and foster hope, despite the social isolation.

See this debut clip of Adam Sandler’s Quarantine Song:


Trevor Noah

On The Daily Social Distancing Show, Trevor Noah responds to the crisis — from a safe distance. You’ll find relatable content (like sweatpants of glory!) and even some light-hearted takes on quarantine (toilet paper!) in his live shows from home. Noah’s response is more political in this time of crisis but don’t let that sway you: his down-to-earth responses to headlines will bring a more realistic human touch in this distanced world.

See this clip about what day it is on The Daily Social Distancing Show:


Honorable Mention: Some Good News with John Krasinski

The Office fans will rejoice upon seeing their beloved practical joker bringing the equivalent of Jello-molded-staplers into this world. John Krasinski started a channel called “Some Good News” on YouTube. Although unclear if he will film again, you’re sure to cry tears of gratitude to hear that somewhere, someplace, there is good news. Take in some good news here and be sure to stay tuned if another episode comes out!


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Featured Image Credit: Jimmy Kimmel via YouTube