Etiquettes You Need to Know of While Going for a Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting is a thrilling and luxurious event, and everyone should try it at least once in their lives. Besides the wines, the trip is delightful because of the encounters with individuals and new information and etiquette.

However, if this is your first time visiting a wine tasting party, you may not know what’s coming or how to respond, which might be daunting.

Wine tasting is seen as a posh hobby; therefore, going as your first one might be nerve-wracking. We’re sure you’ve got a lot of questions about manners, poise, and other things on your mind.

What is a Wine Tasting Event?

Wine tastings are gatherings where wine connoisseurs may try a variety of wines. The events might be structured similarly to courses, seated, seminar-style sessions, or more like smaller gatherings.  In comparison to a wine lesson, wine tasting attendees have varying degrees of understanding. There are no starter, intermediate, or expert tastings; they are all one-fits-all.

Wine tastings are renowned because they overcome the drawbacks of trying drinks at home. How many wines could you try by yourself, assuming you don’t mind wasting nine-tenths of each bottle? How many bottles of wine would you be keen to purchase on your own? How much can you discover by savoring wine alone or with a companion who has no more experience than you?

You may discover from other fellow wine experts and meet new people who share your interests in wine during wine tastings. Most importantly, you could sample wine with people who may be more knowledgeable than you, which is also an excellent way to hone your palate.

Let’s Get to Know More About Wine Tasting Etiquettes

Attending a wine tasting is among the most fascinating events you could do as a wine enthusiast. However, if you’re unfamiliar with these occurrences, they may appear intimidating or even daunting. There’s no chance to be distracted by etiquette or technique when there are plenty of world-class wines to try.

  • Suitable Wine Tasting Outfits

It’s best to pick wine tasting outfits in dark colors to cover spills. Guys can pair up with classy belts, sun hats or even retro-style sunglasses to achieve the perfect look. Avoid drooping sleeves to prevent spills, and think about the location to determine the proper dress code. For ease, women might think about wearing sandals or kitten heels. Tie your hair up so that you can spew easily, or leave one hand free to hold it up if you have long locks. 

Carry a handbag or just have deep pockets when you’re planning to bring something, like a sample book, notepad, cellphone, or tablet. You’ll only have one hand to hold a plate, greet winemakers, and take notes if you’re hauling a wine glass everywhere.

  • Don’t Wear Perfumes

Aroma is an important aspect of taste. When the atmosphere is saturated with perfumes, cologne, or cigarettes, it’s hard to perceive all the smells of a delicate wine, so be aware not to add any undesirable aromatic compounds to the tasting area—just it’s appropriate tasting-room etiquette. 

You would not want to overlook the intricacies of the wine you’re striving to appreciate. And you do not even need to be the one who has to answer the question, “What’s that scent?”

  • Plan Ahead for the Wine Tasting Event

Usually, events will have more wines than you could ever reasonably sample within a few hours. Plan with a strategy if you can receive a list of the manufacturers or wines at the sampling beforehand.

A simple strategy is to make your move around the aisles, starting with lightweight wines and working your way up up to stronger stuff: Begin with sparkling wines, then proceed on to crisp whites, next richer whites, and finally tannic red wines. However, you may make it much more centered: Tasting Italian wines? A comparative evaluation of only one type from many appellations.  It’s entirely up to oneself.

  • Keep Your Belly Full; Eat Something in Between

On an empty belly, trying wines and perhaps drinking them is a strategy for fast being drunk and therefore unable to relish the remainder of the gathering. Try to eat prior, so if the tasting offers meals, pause to dine there as well. Stay hydrated by drinking water between those wines.

  • Don’t Shy Away When it Comes to Spitting Out the Wine

Clearly, you’ll be drinking excellent wines, but no one wants to “waste” wine, but even those taster-size portions quickly add up. You may want to control yourself by spewing wine while you go and get the most out of the event. That is why containers are placed on each table. It’s not flashy, but it’s something that all professionals do. 

Don’t ever be bashful; the personnel at the winery will get used to it. Whenever you might not want to drink a glass of wine, dump any remaining liquid into those spit containers.

Spitting experts advise us to start practicing at home, not spitting too forcibly or too lazily, and getting near the spit container. If you’re spewing into a full shared container, spit carefully to minimize spillover, or ask for the bucket to be changed or seek another container. You may also want to hold off on taking a drink of wine till you can get nearer to the spit container if there’s a group around it.

  • Bond with the Winemakers

Knowing the backstory of a wine bottle may make it more special and memorable. Winemakers and vineyard owners serve at events, so take a moment to chat with them! They are an amazing resource if you do have any questions regarding varietals, grapes, liquors, or areas. They would like to satisfy your curiosity and establish contact with you if you’re courteous and enthusiastic.

Have a Good Time and Enjoy the Wine!

While tasting wines, many folks get quite solemn, but it’s also Perfectly okay to relax and also have a nice time. You’re sampling wine, not taking a tax class, and you won’t be questioned as you walk out the door.

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