A Comprehensive Guide to Sassicaia Wines

One sip of any Sassicaia wine, and you are sure to be left wanting more. The quality, aroma, and flavor of this wine almost inspire everyone to become wine enthusiasts. You can testify to its superior taste if you were at a wine tasting or dinner party and were fortunate to have a glass of this iconic Italian wine. Not so common in the winery is when the story behind the bottle is as interesting as the taste, but such is the case with these Sassicaia wines. 

The legend of the Sassicaia wine starts in the most unusual of places, a wedding. In 1930, Marchesa Clarice Della Gheradescar was married to Marchese Mario Incisa Della Rochetta. Her dowry included the Tenuta San Guido estate, about 7,500 acres in size. The estate is now named after one of the best wines in the world, Sassicaia. 

The estate is located outside Bolgheri in coastal Tuscany, and the wine produced in this region focuses traditionally on immediate consumption, light wines. Marchese, however, wanted his wine to emulate the Bordeaux reds and compete with the Barolos of Piedmont and Chaintis in the Tuscan hills; check here for more information about Italian wines. His dream has become a reality as you can find the Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia wine around the globe. 

But there’s more. The following are a couple of things that have made Sassicaia more impressive. 

The Sassicaia always stood out

While other wines from Italy traditionally used Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and other native grapes, Marchese dared to be different and planted Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, the preferred grape choice Bordeaux wines on Castiglioncello, the estate’s first vineyard.

The second time’s the charm

The first vintages by Tenuta San Guido failed to impress critics as their taste buds were still tuned to the light local style that remained dominant in the region. As a result, the estate did not release any of its wines commercially and was often consumed by the family or left to be forgotten in the cellar. 

Marchese brought his project back to life when some of his friends tasted the wine in the 60s. He planted a second vineyard, Sassicaia, that yielded his first vintage in 1968 before bottling and releasing to the markets in 1971. 

Sassicaia is an original “Super Tuscan” wine

Tenuta San Guido was not the only Tuscan estate producing grape varieties with international acclaim. The Tignanello wine was introduced by Marchesi Antinori as directed by Piero Antinori in 1971. Also, In 1981, the Tenuta dell’Ornellaia was founded by Marchese Ludovico Antinori on a property close to the Tenuta San Guido. These bottles and a couple of others unofficially make up the Super Tuscan wines. These are wines that include but are not limited to Bordeaux wine varieties and are aged in barriques. 

The Sassicaia is very popular

Wine searcher show that Sassicaia is the 8th most popular wine in the world. And it is the only Italian wine to appear in the top 20. Its popularity is made evident by the caliber of people who cannot have this red wine. The list of celebrity fans includes but is not limited to Rihanna, the Obamas, Lebron James, David Beckham, and Duran Duran. 


What does Sassicaia wine taste like?

The Sassicaia wine’s ruby color is accentuated by black currant aromas and rich, spicy flavors. In addition, this juicy red wine has a minty hint on the palate and a taste of yummy black fruit. This blend of exciting flavors makes the Sassicaia wine perfect for rich meaty dishes of braised meats and roasted lambs, to name a few.

What type of wine is Sassicaia?

It is accepted widely as one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon wines ever.