Best Part Tracks From Top Chicago Musicians

Everyone can be a DJ on the go nowadays with so many top music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube Music and Deezer to choose from. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that anyone can be a good DJ. DJ-ing means so much more than putting together a dodgy party playlist filled with soggy bop songs and hoping for everyone to have a blast at your home party.

However, if you are determined to try your best, here are a few cool party-themed songs that are prone to fill the dance floor and send your guests into an instant state of euphoria. We have selected songs from some of the most popular musicians originating in Chicago, so get your Search bar ready to look for these hits as soon as you are done reading.

“Life Of The Party” – Kanye West & Andre 3000

Kanye West is one of the most popular, successful, and controversial artists that Chicago has given to the world. While the artist was not actually born in Chicago, but in Atlanta, he was raised in the Windy City and has such a strong connection with the city that he chose to name one of his children Chicago. He released 9 albums that recorded surprising successes over the years. After a series of controversial delays, Kanye released his much-anticipated 10th album called Donda at the end of August in 2021.

Life Of The Party is a song with an incredibly funky bassline and features Andre 3000 spitting his verse. If that wasn’t enough, the song even features DMX. Near the end of the track he can be heard talking to his daughter and it just makes the song that much more special. Add it to your casino party playlist for the next home party you plan on throwing for you and your friends with a shared passion for good music and gambling and we guarantee everyone will ask you to put the song on repeat by the end of the night.

“Party Girls” – Jeremih

This song was written by Ludacris and it features Jeremih and Wiz Khalifa, under the attentive supervision of Cashmere Cat. The song is actually a cover of a very popular hit song from the nineties called “Barbie Girl “by Aqua, a one hit wonder of a dance-pop group. Jeremih’s song was released at the end of January in 2014 to promote his upcoming ninth album. However, Party Girls, along with two other songs, didn’t make it on the final tracklist for the album. Despite being left off the album, the song peaked at #36 on the Billboard chart.

Jeremih was born and raised in Chicago and his early career as a musician started at the age of 3. He started with the saxophone, piano and a few percussion instruments but it was just a foretelling of his future successful career as a musician.

“1979” – The Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are a famous progressive rock band established in Chicago in the 1980’s by James Iha and Billy Corgan. Their first album was called “Mellon Collie” and it earned the band 7 Grammy nominations. Billy was born in Elk Grove Village, a Chicago suburb, and he drew his inspiration from Black Sabbath and Chicago’s Cheap Trick. The song “1979” peaked at #1 at the beginning of January in 1996 when it was released as the second single from their third studio album.

The nostalgic song was featured in the movie “On The Edge” in 2001 as part of the film’s opening scene depicting Jonathan Breech riding a bike. It is a song with surprising samples and loops that do not define the previous songs of the band with its mesmerizing coming-of-age sound.

“Lady” – Styx

Styx was formed in Chicago around 1972. This rock band is probably most famous for its unique melding hard rock guitar mixed with acoustic guitar and piano to create upbeat tracks. Their music also has plenty of surprising musical theatre elements in it and this has helped them establish themselves as one of the most successful progressive rock bands of the 1970’s.

The Styx II album was released in 1973 and featured the song “Lady”. It wasn’t long before the song had become a big hit and landed at #6 on the charts in the United States. In Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, the song “Lady” also made it on the local top 20 songs lists.

Featured Image Credit: Sobotka Literary Magazine