Adrenaline Rush: Activities for Those 18 and Above 

Canada is well known around the world for being one of the most interesting, fun, diverse, and educational tourist destinations. While the country has been praised for its natural beauty and sprawling cities that boast fun activities for the whole family, Canada also offers a range of entertainments that cater to the adult population within each setting. The list of things you can do goes from life-changing and extreme experiences like bungee jumping to sampling unique alcoholic beverages with Canada showcasing how it’s a country that has it all by catering to guests, and residents, of all ages and interests. 


If you’re looking for a diverse and interesting location to paint the town red, then Canada is a great fit. The nightlife in each city is nothing short of teeming, with dance clubs and bars to cater to every kind of crowd and patron. Ontario, Quebec, and other major cities boast several commercial nightclub options for you to enjoy if you’re looking for something a bit more familiar. However, there are a few specially designed bars and dance halls that will do more than show you a good time, but also show you a bit of the culture and history of Canada which is what most young tourists are looking for.

However, for guests who have just celebrated their 18th birthday, choices might be limited depending on which state you’ve opted to visit. If you’re under 19, but over 18, and would like to enjoy all the nightlife activities that Canada has to offer then make sure to visit Quebec, Manitoba, or Alberta. The legal drinking, and subsequently partying, age in these regions is 18 while nightclubs in other regions will deny you access unless you are 19 or older. 


This next option is for those who are keen to try an activity that will be financially enriching. Whether you’re a resident or a holidaymaker, you’re not likely to be disappointed by the thriving gambling industry in Canada. From Bingo Halls to premium casinos that double as 5-star resorts and hotels, the number of activities available at each location can turn a short visit into a daytrip. Each city boasts it’s own range of gambling locations for locals and visitors alike to enjoy so long as they meet the minimum legal age requirement of the region. The legal gambling age in Canada varies from state to state. For instance, if you find yourself in Manitoba, Quebec, or Alberta you will be allowed to enter land-based casinos if you’re the minimum age of 18. For all other regions in Canada, the minimum legal age for gambling is 19. 

For those who would rather enjoy the safety of their home, or hotel, and forego the commuting costs, the gambling experience is far from out of reach. There are many great online casinos to choose from and all you would need is a stable internet connection and a decent bankroll. The advantage here is that you can play at an international online casino like those recommended on from the age of 18 already as this is the worldwide accepted legal age limit. It’s definitely fun to try it out if you are finally allowed to!

Bungee Jumping

If you’re 18 or older, and consider yourself a thrill-seeker and adrenaline junkier then this next activity might already be on your bucketlist. Canada is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, that boast mountains, hills, and. that can be enjoyed by the whole family on a hike, cycle-tour, or a leisurely stroll. However, this same natural beauty can also be enjoyed from hundreds of feet up in the air as you free-fall. There are currently three high-rated bungee jumping experiences and are situated in Chelsea, which is in Quebec, with the two remaining jumping points located in British Columbia in Whistler and Nanaimo. Many Canadian residents have resolved themselves to jump from all three locations within their lifetime while enjoying the delights of visiting other cities on the way. 

Of course, participants are required to be 18 years or older, which is the legal age of consent, to take the leap in Quebec while jumpers should adhere to the legal age of 19 in British Columbia. This measure has been put into place due to the potential dangers involved with this activity which will require you to sign a waiver with your consent and acknowledgment. 

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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