‘90 Day Fiancé’ Drama: Daniele Exposes Yohan’s 2-Year Affair

In a shocking 90 Day Fiancé revelation, Daniele Gates exposed her estranged husband Yohan Geronimo’s alleged affair. An exclusive clip from the season finale was shared revealing how Daniele discovered that Yohan had been in a relationship with someone else besides her all along. So, who was Yohan cheating on Daniele with? What happens now? Keep reading to find out the details!

When Will 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Finale Air?

The 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finale episode will air on Monday, 27 November. Last week, viewers saw Yohan moving out of the apartment he shares with Daniele following their massive fights regarding finances. However, later on, Daniele revealed a mysterious woman connected with her via social media. The woman in question shared a secret with Daniele that left her devastated and questioning her marriage.

Daniele Yohan 90 Day Fiancé YouTube
Daniele Yohan 90 Day Fiancé YouTube

In the clip, she revealed that the woman said she had been in a relationship with Yohan for 2 years. Furthermore, she added that she had been in Yohan’s life before Daniele got married to him. In the video, Daniele is seen packing up and reveals that she doesn’t wish to stay with Yohan anymore. The 90 Day Fiancé star revealed that the other woman wanted to know the status of their relationship and whether they were getting divorced soon.

Daniele also added, “She told me she met his father and his nephew and gave them money, that she had sex with him for all these years and she knew he was married and that he brought her to this apartment complex.”

Daniele Admits She Never Thought Yohan Would Cheat On Her

The woman provided Daniele with the entire story of their 2-year-long relationship. She shared crucial details including all their meetings and the pictures they exchanged. One of these pictures was that of Yohan’s d**k that he sent to the woman on Christmas Eve. This was the very same time Daniele was busy sharing gifts with his family which left her devastated.

The 43-year-old revealed that she had never imagined that Yohan could ever do this to her. In this context, she said, “I think that the Yohan that I was seeing and was believing was there was never actually in front of me. I honestly, like, I have no idea who this man is.”

While this big revelation has surely brought their relationship to the brink of collapse, one cannot say that their relationship has been stable from the start. Daniele and Yohan have struggled over multiple disagreements, a big part of which was money. There was also an instance in an episode aired last month where Daniele confronted Yohan about stealing her money. While Yohan denied the allegations at first, he later agreed to take the money assuming it was his to take because they are a couple.

“This has nothing to do with the amount of money that he took out. I wouldn’t even mind him taking money out of the bank if he needed it. The problem is that I asked him if he took it and he said no. That’s where I’m really scared,” shared Daniele.

So, do you think the duo have finally reached the end of their marriage? Or will they get back together? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with Urban Matter for the latest news!