7 Thriller Movies That You Can’t Miss on Disney Plus

A fantastic thriller movie is all about mystery and suspense, with something that needs to be discovered. It keeps the audience engaged who try to figure the mystery out. A great thriller can include action, drama, and even horror in its mix of genres.

You don’t need to look far as you will find awesome thriller movies on Disney Plus, because practically every film on that streaming platform is great. In fact, whether you live in a country that does not support the platform, you can always use a VPN to unblock it. But, for the platform to unblock, it is imperative to get a reliable VPN as  mentioned by bestvpnfordisneyplus.com.

It’s no secret that Disney is a powerhouse in the film industry and if you’re looking for a good mystery or suspenseful movie on Disney Plus, check out our list below:

The Sixth Sense

The movie The Sixth Sense is about a boy who can see dead people. It starts off by showing the death of the main character, Cole Sear. It then jumps to six months later and continues to show how he deals with seeing dead people. It covers topics such as fearing to be touched and how he deals with this issue. The Sixth Sense ends with Cole’s mom attempting to kill him.

You should watch this movie if you are interested in learning about social anxiety.

Black Swan

The psychological thriller is about Nina Sayers, a ballerina, has always followed the rules and gone by the book. She has tried to work hard in order to get the role in “Swan Lake” that she is hoping for. However, when she gets an offer for the role of Odile in “Swan Lake” things change. 

As the narrative goes on, Nina frequently receives unexplained wounds. The answer to her mysterious injuries are revealed towards the end of the thriller, when she stabs herself due to hallucinations.

It’s an interesting movie because it’s about a ballerina and she is everything that you expect from a ballerina. But in the end, she stabs herself and so it’s interesting to see how someone who is so perfect could break.

The Empty Man

Based on Cullen Bunn’s and Vanesa R.’s novel, “The Empty Man” is a supernatural entity that needs a human carrier to pass on the spirit’s messages. The story takes a turn when James, a detective, starts the search for his friend Nora’s missing daughter.  

Empty Man starts talking to James and tells him about an event that is going to happen later in the day, but James does not believe him. Once the event takes place and it is too late for James to stop it, he has a change of heart and becomes a believer of this entity.

The movie unfolds into a series of thrilling moments only to find out that James had been chosen as the human carrier for the Empty Man.

The Empty Man is a thrilling mystery-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The film leaves you with an ending that will have you guessing if James is still alive or if he has become carrier for the Empty Man.

The Last King of Scotland

The storyline of the film is set in Uganda and follows Scottish doctor James Hughes who wishes to help his patients. It’s a thriller that you’ll never forget. You can experience the harsh realities of individuals who live under a regime during dictatorship. These people have to deal with what seems to be a very corrupt government and Amin is no exception. As a physician, he wants to help his patients but he is plagued by ethical dilemmas because so much of the healthcare system in Uganda has been compromised.

The film explores political corruption and contrasts the harsh realities of life under a brutal regime with fleeting moments of brightness and humor. As an adaptation, it departs significantly from William Boyd’s novel “A Good Man in Africa” by following Dr. James Hughes’ story closely.

127 Hours

The 127 Hours is the inspiring true tale of Aron Ralston’s survival ordeal after a fallen rock pinning his arm and trapping him in a remote canyon in Utah. Unable to free himself but reluctant to end his own life for fear of what might happen if he did, Aron assaults everything around him and finally discovers the mental and physical resolve.

The reason one should watch this film is because it shows the persistence of the human spirit and the inner strength we all possess.


The synopsis of the movie revolves around Logan, who takes in Laura , an orphaned young girl who has extraordinary abilities. Logan who has been hiding from the world for over a decade because he doesn’t want to fight anymore after all his actions with Charles against Apocalypse previous year. But when a young girl appears being chased by dark forces under command of Nathaniel Essex , they both have no choice but to return into action once again .

Logan must now battle against malevolent forces that want to capture her.

The movie teaches us to be cognizant of the good in the world and what we can do to change it.


Bryan Mills, Kim’s father, has sought to reconnect with her and show her how much he loves her. When Kim and her buddy are taken hostage just as they arrive in Paris for vacation, his worst fears are realized. Bryan must utilize all of his black-operation skills to save Kim, who has only four days before she is sold off, which would cause him severe agony if he failed.

The film is about the love of a father to his child and how he travels to save her. The movie is filled with suspense, drama, and tragedy.


These 7 popular thriller movies on Disney+ are all different in their own way, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Every thriller movie mentioned above has its own unique story. You may find that some movies are better than others for this but this is what makes watching thriller movies so much fun and not knowing how it will end.