6 Long Layover Tips in Las Vegas Airports that Will Save You from Boredom

There’s nothing more mind-numbing than staring down a long airport layover with no plan to battle the boredom you’ll inevitably feel.

Thankfully with a little forethought you can avoid ennui, especially if you happen to be stopping off at a high profile airport like Las Vegas International.

Take a spin on a slot machine

As you’d expect from the main airport serving Sin City, there are plenty of games of chance littered throughout the various terminal buildings. And if you’ve got some time to kill, spinning the reels of a slot machine is a good way to keep your attention focused.

Obviously you should also remember to gamble responsibly, and setting yourself a budget is key to this. 

Don’t assume that you’re going to win, or that you can sense when a machine is going to pay out; this is all controlled by carefully calculated odds, as well as random number generation, so just relax and keep your fingers crossed.

Get in some reps at the fitness center

Another advantage of stopping off at Las Vegas airport is that it has its own on-site fitness center, located in Terminal 1, where there are weights to lift, treadmills to pound, and all sorts of other gym equipment to get to grips with.

Time will fly if you’re working out, or at least it will give you a change of scenery and will take your mind off the layover that lies ahead. Plus you can use the changing facilities to get showered and refreshed, which will help to fight against the effects of jetlag.

Browse the selection of shops

Every airport has its share of retail outlets, but in Las Vegas you’ll find a wider selection of high-end stores than elsewhere.

From Brooks Brothers to Victoria’s Secret, from Pandora to Ethel M, there are big brands and boutique shopping experiences alike.

There are also ample places to pick up souvenirs, so even if you haven’t actually visited the city of Vegas itself, you can claim that you did to the folks back home.

Visit the Aviation Museum

Unusually, there’s a full-blown museum housed inside the airport, and it features an impressive lineup of exhibits which cover the history of flight from the early days to the cutting edge of the modern era.

Aside from the main body of the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum, there are also exhibits dotted around in different parts of the airport, so even if you’re just hanging out by your gate waiting for boarding to open, you might be able to spot some informative display nearby.

Grab a bite at a restaurant

Traveling long distances, particularly when layovers are involved, can be surprisingly draining, so you’ve got to keep your energy up with meals and snacks. Las Vegas airport has got you covered in that respect, and so whatever your culinary preferences or budget, you should be able to find something to match it.

From the belly-busting experiences offered at Moe’s Southwest Grill, to the fast and mainstream array of food at outlets like Popeye’s and Wendy’s, adding a restaurant to your itinerary is a must for any layover.

Head into Vegas itself

If you’ve got enough time to spare and you also have the ability to leave the terminal building, you could hop in to see the glory that is Las Vegas in the flesh.

Shuttle buses and taxis regularly head to the heart of the city, and even if you only visit briefly to gawp at the bright lights of the Strip, it will be worth it.

Photo by Joël Super on Pexels