The Best Jimmy John’s Sandwich: Ranking the Top 6 Choices in 2023

If there’s one thing that gets people fired up – and we mean really fired up – it’s arguing about the best sandwich. Where to get the best one, the best value,  and which spots skimp on the filling are common points of contention. The metrics by which you judge the quality of a sub-shop are myriad and deeply personal. Jimmy John’s has a lot going for them, offering some of the best sandwiches around. They’re fast, cheap, and predictable, and they bake the bread fresh daily in the French style–soft and chewy on the inside with a crunchy crust. They don’t do warm sandwiches or toasted bread, so there’s no chance of a meatball sub when you’re looking to order Jimmy John’s best sandwich.

Finding the Best Jimmy John’s Sandwich

The business has been around since the 80s, having clued into its appeal with broke college students early on. Now they’ve franchised to thousands of locations across the country. If you’re looking for the best Jimmy John’s sandwich, we have compiled a list of the top choices. Whether you’re searching for Jimmy John’s best sandwich or planning to cook BBQ sandwiches, you’ll find the best options here. Furthermore, you can also cook BBQ sandwiches, for this purpose you can buy the best electric smoker after reading reviews from the mentioned website.

All The Plain Slims - Best Jimmy John's Sandwich
Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook

All the Plain Slims

These sandwiches may seem pointless until you’re trying to find a lunch place with a picky eater. Or, you promised six of your friends you’d buy them lunch for helping you move, but you have low double digits in your bank account. They serve a purpose, with delicious bread that’s perfect for those opposed to lettuce and tomato. If you’re looking for the best Jimmy John’s sandwich for simplicity, then the slims are right up your alley.

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Jimmy Cubano - Jimmy John's Sandwich
Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook

Jimmy Cubano

Not an authentic Cuban sandwich, but when you want something with a bit of bite, go for the “Cubano.” If you’re looking for the best Jimmy John’s sandwich, the Jimmy Cubano is a top choice, assembled with bacon, smoked ham, and cheese, and, perhaps most critical to its ranking on this list, pickle, and dijon mustard.

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Spicy Easy Coast Italian - Jimmy John's Sandwich
Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook

Spicy East Coast Italian

Hit us with those spicy peppers on everything. It’s an easy-mayo sandwich–we usually feel moral and philosophical opposition to the institution of “easy” condiments. But the Spicy East Coast Italian makes up for it with a drizzle of oil and vinegar and a sprinkle of oregano-basil. This best Jimmy John’s sandwich features double meat and cheese, including salami, capicola, and provolone. The Spicy East Coast Italian is a favorite for those who love a kick in their meal.

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J.J.B.L.T. - Jimmy John's Sandwich
Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook


Okay, it’s just a classic B.L.T. Nothing revolutionary, and not as good as the B.L.T. you’d order in a diner. But when you’re craving a solid nothing-fancy sandwich, the J.J.B.L.T is a solid choice for lunch. Use our Millennial pro-tip and add the avocado spread to ensure you won’t be able to buy a house for another decade, but you’ll enjoy one of the best Jimmy John’s sandwiches.

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J.J. Gargantuan - Jimmy John's Sandwich
Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook

J.J. Gargantuan

Perhaps the best sandwich to purchase at Jimmy John’s, the J.J Gargantuan is stuffed tall with various meats and cheese. But it’s something of an affront to vegetarians and people watching their sodium intake. If you’ve been hydrating all week (are you hydrating now? Go have some water), then you might be ready to tackle this sub. The J.J. Gargantuan is made with salami, capicola, roast beef, turkey, ham, and provolone. Be forewarned, they scoop out a substantial portion of the bread to get the thing to hinge closed, and you’ll be out of breath by the time you finish it.

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Club Lulu
Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook

Club Lulu

The Club Lulu is the sleeper hit of the Jimmy John’s menu. It’s a turkey club sandwich, arguably (please don’t argue with us about this), the greatest sandwich of all time. Here’s the thing, it’s also an acceptable template to express yourself. Customize it to your liking, and you’ll discover why it’s considered one of the best Jimmy John’s sandwiches. Add some provolone. Add some avocado. Get crazy and add salami and spicy peppers. It doesn’t get as much attention as the Italian Night Club or the Hunter’s Club, but that’s because people don’t recognize the Club Lulu’s sheer potential. But don’t get us wrong, it’s not always something that needs to be improved. If you want a fast lunch that will surprise you with how good it is, go to Club Lulu.

Jimmy John’s offers a wide variety of sandwiches to suit every taste. From the simple Plain Slims to the meat-packed J.J. Gargantuan, there’s something for everyone. Next time you’re looking for a fast and satisfying lunch, consider trying one of the best Jimmy John’s sandwiches.

Jimmy John’s Featured Photo Credit: Jimmy John’s on Facebook