5 Best Ableton Live Courses?

Ableton was started in 1999, and the first iteration of Live was released in 2001. A community of passionate artists, audio designers, plus musicians from all around the globe use it. The majority of the team are working artists, and producers, including DJs, and the majority of them even utilize Live and Push on a daily basis. 

What Makes Ableton Special?

Its entire team hails from a very diverse spectrum of professional and cultural backgrounds. The majority of their team has education levels that fall somewhere in the middle between having a Ph.D. and having no formal education at all. 

What binds them together is the conviction that each of them, individually, has the competencies and experiences necessary to make a significant contribution to a monumental endeavor, namely, the process of influencing the evolution of the musical tradition in the long term. Looking at Best Ableton Live Courses? Keep reading! 

Let’s have a look at some of the greatest online Ableton Live courses, shall we? If you want to improve your production skills with Ableton Live while also having fun and learning from the industry’s top experts, then this is the right place for you to be! 

Have a look at the top 5 courses they offer. 

  • Ableton Live I: The First Steps of Digital Music Production

Key points:

  • This one is designed by Brian Jackson
  • It is perfect for people who are just starting off
  • It comes free of charge with a trial membership

This beginner course will show you how to make musical masterpieces utilizing the power of Ableton Live by following the instruction that is offered. This is the first part of a four-part course that Ableton Certified Trainer, music producer, and audio engineer Brian Jackson has put together. 

It will help you master the fundamentals of navigating Ableton in a little more than an hour so that you can get started using it straight away. In addition, there is an introduction to warping as well as numerous strategies that may be used in order to match the tempos of different audio recordings. 

Musicians, producers, and sound designers will benefit most from taking this program. It is not necessary for you to have any previous experience with Ableton.

  • Learn Ableton Live in a Day – Complete Beginners Ableton Live Course

Key points:

  • It is designed by Martin Svensson
  • Beginners are the intended audience for this course
  • It comes free of charge with a trial membership

Are you eager to begin working with Ableton Live yet find that you have very little time? This free course will familiarize you with the program in only one day after taking it and will teach you the fundamentals in a little more than two hours. 

Martin Svennson, who is both a music producer and a working musician, is in charge of the course, which has a total of 25 individual classes. As you go through the training, you will learn which controls are the most crucial, as well as how to utilize those controls properly. 

You also will learn how to make setups and construct a whole track using the program on your own from start. The enrollment process is completely hassle-free, and there aren’t any pre-requisites required.

  • Introduction to Ableton Live by the Berklee College of Music

Key points:

  • Erin Barra is the facilitator for this course 
  • Beginners are the intended audience for this course
  • It comes free of charge 

The second class within the Electronic Music Production specialization is titled “Introduction to Ableton Live.” Erin Barra, who is an Associate Professor in the Songwriting department, is the one responsible for facilitating it. 

The course starts with an introduction to Ableton Live and then continues with instructions on how to properly install and configure the program, as well as how to improve the quality of the sounds you add to your projects. 

In addition to that, you will get knowledge of mixing, administration of files, and troubleshooting file problems. The content of the course is presented via a combination of video lectures, reading assignments, and multiple-choice tests.

  • Ableton Live II: MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

Key points:

  • It is designed by Brain Jackson
  • Students at the intermediate level are the intended audience.
  • It comes free of charge with a trial membership

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is the topic of discussion in the second edition of Brian Jackson’s Ableton series. The MIDI is a tool that is used to link various musical instruments, gadgets, and computers. If you are looking forward to Learn Musical Instruments, this course can help you to some extent with that too. 

You will learn how to compose melodies, record MIDI sounds, and use the quantizing method in order to build a high-quality music sequence during the course of this fifteen-lesson programme. You should plan on spending a little bit more than an hour watching the video lectures. Before enrolling, you need finish the Ableton Live I course, which is titled “The First Steps of Digital Music Production” that has been mentioned above.

  • More Expressive Music Theory for Ableton and Electronic Music

  • This course is led by William Edwards
  • Students at the intermediate level are the intended audience
  • The price of this course is 59.99 dollars

This intermediate course illuminates tried-and-true methods that you may use to free your inner creativity and make music that is sincere and connects with listeners from all walks of life. There are many people who are looking for the Best Ukulele Courses – this course might help you with learning the electronic type of music. 

It is a 4-part course that is led by music educator William Edwards. The enrollment fee grants complete lifetime access to 12 downloaded materials and 41 lectures that have been condensed into a total of 1.5 hours of video.

Parting Thoughts 

So, by now you would have had a fair idea of the way Ableton courses can help you learn a lot more about music, musical instruments and more. It’s time to kick start your musical journey with Ableton. 

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