15 Cheesiest Eats You Can Find Around the World

It’s safe to say that cheese reigns supreme as one of America’s favorite foods. We sprinkle it on top of already cheesy pizza, pasta, and soup. We melt it over nachos and slice it into cubes for easy snacking. We bake it into casseroles and toss it into salads. We’ve even been known to squirt it out of aerosol cans!

In fact, Bloomberg reports that in the last few years Americans have eaten 35 pounds of cheese a year on average, twice the amount we consumed in 1980. What gives? Well, some scientists theorize that when the human body digests casein, the protein found in milk and cheeses, our brain responds by releasing the feel-good hormone dopamine. Which means, yep, your favorite cheddar could actually be addictive!

We think cheese is just about the greatest comfort food out there, so we trolled Instagram for the cheesiest eats we could find in America and beyond. One thing we discovered while exploring the wonderful world of cheese is that there’s something out there for everyone, even vegan and lactose-intolerant folks! Check out this roundup of cheesy goodness.

Texas Burger With Loaded Cheesy Fries

You’ve heard of fries on the side, but what about fries in the middle? Feast On These combines cheesy fries with your favorite burger for the ultimate one-handed eat.

Super Cheesy Nacho Pizza

Should you have pizza or nachos for dinner tonight? Why choose? Get yourself a dinner that does both with Buzzfood’s nacho topped pizza!

Fried Mac n’ Cheese Balls

Ever think to yourself, “Sure, Mac n cheese is great, but I’d really love a bite-sized version I can eat without using a fork”? Enter fried mac n’ cheese balls, the ultimate finger food!

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Whenever readers ask me which of my recipes I recommend serving to guests, particularly non-vegans that will please ALL eaters, this CHEESY MEXICAN TORTILLA BAKE is always in my top 5. Reader Karen shared this review and solidifies why I recommend it for your guests of all eaters. These type of reviews consistently come in on this casserole and make me so happy to hear. Give it a try if you haven’t yet. It’s truly so rich and satisfying in every bite. . . “OMG! Brandi, I have just discovered your recipes and they are amazing. I made this tonight and cheesy overload. My tastebuds are in heaven. I took a risk and decided to make and take to my family dinner tonight. They are all strict meat eaters and they all loved it too. My mum said she would have been happier eating just this and not her roast pork. It’s great when the meat eaters compliment on the food I bring rather than tease me for it. Thank you!” . . This recipe can be found in my cookbook on page 126 and is also on my blog. https://thevegan8.com/vegan-cheesy-mexican-tortilla-bake/ #veganchef #veganprotein #plantprotein #vegancheese #vegandinner

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Cheesy Mexican Tortilla Bake

Ever wonder how vegans live without cheese? It turns out, rather easily with foods like this flavor-packed vegan tortilla bake from food blogger The Vegan 8. Cashews, non-dairy yogurt and smoked cumin make a for a surprisingly tangy and textured cheese stand-in with this simple 8-ingredient recipe!

Pigout NYC Steak Nachos

Restaurants across America are starting to re-open again, and some are offering decadent cheesy eats that have to be tasted to be believed, such as Mayan New York City’s steak nachos. Pair it with a margarita for the ultimate summer meal!

Chickpea, Nectarine, and Grilled Halloumi Salad

If you haven’t tried Halloumi yet, you’re missing out. This semi-firm cheese originated on the Mediterranean island of Cypress and has taken Europe by storm because of its versatility and tastiness. Why not try it in a hearty summer salad?

Eggplant Parm by NYC Food Coma

Stacks of crispy fried eggplant layered with mozzarella cheese all nestled under a golden crust of melted parmesan. Eggplant Parm may just be the ultimate comfort food. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

Red Bean and Cheese Quesadillas

There’s nothing like an easy, cheesy dinner and these simple and flavorful quesadillas are just that! Top them off with some hand-smashed guacamole and tangy Greek yogurt for a weekday meal that will satisfy your every craving!

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Swipe to see New York's best and most outrageous pizza slices I've ever had 🗽🍕 One thing you definitely can't get here in Los Angeles is NY's pizza. We definitely try, but it's never the same as a hot slice of pizza from NY. I even bring an extra suitcase when I go to bring back pizza (SEE LAST SLIDE) 😅🧳🍕 Here's what you're looking at 👀: 1️⃣ @psp_nyc Spicy Spring 2️⃣ @tonyboloneys x @obagel_family Giant Pizza Bagel 3️⃣ @vinniesbrooklyn Inception Pizza 4️⃣ @marinarapizzanyc Caesar Salad Pizza 5️⃣ @joespizzanyc Pepperoni Pizza 6️⃣ @tonyboloneys Taco Pizza 7️⃣ @vinniesbrooklyn Bacon Mac N’ Cheese Pizza 8️⃣ @artichokepizza Artichoke Pizza 9️⃣ @pizzalovesemily Colony & Luca Pizza 🔟 Suitcase of NY Pizza brought to LA ——— Which slice would you try or have you had? Do you know any other good NY pizzas I should try next time? 🙏 ——— P.S. @tonyboloneys is closeby in Hoboken, NJ. I had to include their crazy pizzas! 😅 #pizza #dailyfoodfeednyc #dailyfoodfeed 📸: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: NY, New York 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇

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New York Pizza

There’s nothing like a thick slick of New York’s finest pizza. If you’re nowhere near the big apple you can get your fix from afar by scoping out @dailyfoodfeed!

Halloumi Fries With Cool Tzatziki

Get a little taste of the near east with these crispy cheese fries, the perfect picnic food for a summer outing!

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Melted cheeze toastie with caramelised onions, sautéed mushrooms and lingonberry jam. Savoury, salty and sweet with a comforting crunch. A perfect get-the-weekend-started meal. 💭 Today I reflected. I went for a walk, I drank lots of water and consumed less caffeine than I have been lately. I made whole food meals and snacks from scratch, I bought a huge loaf of delicious, crusty sourdough from the bakery nextdoor. I put on moisturiser, and perfume (for no reason). I basically gave myself a break. This year has been heavy. To prioritise myself/ my mental health does not mean turning a blind eye to the unjust rubbish in the world, the state of the environment or a global health crisis. It means that I recognise I have to take care of me somewhere in amongst all of the world's heaviness and my own personal issues, such as my recent surgery, Oliver's health emergency/surgery, loss of work due to Coronavirus, and the loss of a family member also due to Coronavirus. 2020 hasn't crushed me, but it has certainly thrown all of us challenges. I truly hope that you are finding ways to navigate this year in the most nurturing and positive way possible. If you find it hard to prioritise yourself right now, I get it. But you are surely worth a little of your own love and attention too. As am I (I am trying to remember that). Love from me to you- Marisa ♥️ For the onions: 2 tbsp olive oil 3 white onions sliced A pinch of salt 1.5 tbsp balsamic vinegar A pinch of brown/coconut sugar, optional Heat the oil in a large deep frying pan over a low heat. Add the onions and salt and cook slowly for around 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until they become soft golden in colour. Add the vinegar and sugar if using. Keep cooking on a low heat for another 5 mins, stirring occasionally until the onions are sticky. Save this post for the upcoming recipe link (recipe coming to my blog in a few hours)! #feedfeedvegan#vegansandwich #vegancheese #foodphotographyandstyling

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Grilled Cheese

You can’t go wrong with this classic sandwich! But why not elevate your favorite grade school meal with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, and a bit of lingonberry jam?


Who doesn’t love lasagna? For a slightly offbeat twist, check out Don Angie’s take on this classic carb fest. His recipe uses a robina cheese, which is lighter than ricotta, and is baked in easy-to-serve pinwheels.

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A little Taco Tuesday inspo 💁… #GlutenFree SPINACH ARTICHOKE ENCHILADAS 🌿😋🤗.. . Recipe adapted from @cookieandkate , these enchiladas are a vegetarian & healthier take on the classic. Filled with a savory mix reminiscent of spinach artichoke dip and topped with a homemade enchiladas sauce and Monterey Jack cheese, they are too good! 😋 Even my husband who was skeptical is asking me to make them again 🙆.. . Recipe link on the website, link in profile 👆.. . Hope everyone had a great day! 🤗 We arrived in Paris 🇫🇷 today, toured around, ate AMAZING food (see IG stories) and are ready for bed! 😴.. . . . . . . #vegetarian #wholefoods #eattherainbow #EEEEEATS . #eatwell #eatpretty #eatgoodfeelgood #eatyourveggies #spinach #artichoke #blackbeans #veggies #enchilladas #realfood #wholefood #nourish #healthyrecipes

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Spinach and Artichoke Enchiladas

Stop the presses, because Cookie and Kate’s gluten-free spinach and artichoke enchiladas could be everything you’re looking for! This healthy, vegetarian-friendly take on a classic involves homemade enchilada sauce and a sprinkling of Monterey Jack cheese.

Home Made Vegan Cheese

Don’t believe everything your eyes (or your taste buds) tell you. Riverdel, the Original Vegan Cheese Monger creates plant-based cheese with the texture and taste of the real thing. No dairy required! Why not take one of their online cheesemaking classes?

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@PizzaHut has rereleased their Stuffed Garlic Knots pizza! And as an appetizer, we chose their Cheez It Pizzas which are still available and were filled with more cheese this time. 🧀 • 🍕 Brushed on to the crust is their “Hut Favorite” blend. A garlic buttery mix adorned with grated Parmesan and Italian herbs (oregano, parsley, and basil). Not only is the crust alone great, but the bulbous bites elevate the pie even further. Cheesy, gooey and savory knots dipped in marinara- it’s like eating a mini calzone at the end of your slice. • 🥤 Original Dew comes in cool aluminum bottles for the Modern Warfare promo, and a new flavor of Game Fuel released— Orange Storm. Tastes like Live Wire but less sweet. Bought the Aluminum bottles at Walmart, saw the Game Fuel at both Walmart and Target.

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Cheez-It Pizza Bites

If you prefer your cheese to be day-glow orange, Pizza Hut’s Cheez-It Pizza bites could be just the food for you. It’s billed as an appetizer but if you really are a true lover of Cheeze-Its salty crunch then why not make it a meal?


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