10 Ways to Bring Back Your Inner Child During Quarantine

Nostalgia can be really comforting. Think back to what you used to love doing as a kid and spend time revisiting those memories during quarantine. Here are a few ways to tap into your inner child.

Photo Credit: Rugrats Facebook

Watch old cartoons

There is nothing like watching some of your favorite childhood cartoons to get the nostalgia flowing again. If you grew up in the 2000s, you could watch some shows such as Doug or RugRats, both available on Hulu! Who knows, maybe you’ll catch a few jokes and references that went right over your head as a kid!

Build an epic fort

There are no limits to how big the fort can be or what material you can use; you’re just an older architect making it this time. A couch cushion fort is a very traditional way to make your own mini bat cave, but the sturdiest way is with cardboard from leftover boxes from TVs or furniture. If you are feeling really daring during quarantine, combine both materials and make the sturdiest fort in all the land… maybe even a two-story fort like the expert above!

The floor is lava

This game is as old as time and hotter than ever (just ask J Biebs). “The floor is lava” is when you and your family/friends pick one room in the house and have to get all the way around the room in a race format without touching the floor once because well, the floor is lava. Just remember, whatever the prize is, bragging rights from winning a floor is lava race lasts forever.

Play old Wii games

If you ask 100 people born from 1996 – 2002 if they had a Nintendo Wii console in their house, you will get 100 yesses. There is no better feeling than cracking a home run in Wii baseball or hitting a new high score on Just Dance! Find your AA batteries and fire up the Wii to waste a few hours reminiscing on old times. It is also fun to look back at the Mii’s you created over the years. Don’t have a Wii? Order one today, new or used!

Photo Credit: The Lion King Facebook

Have a Disney movie marathon

Disney will always be a huge part of pretty much every American family so sit back dust off your VHS tapes… or just use a Disney+ 1-week free trial and fire up the childhood classics like Toy Story, The Lion King, and Tarzan. There are seemingly endless Disney classics so pick one, relax with your family, and quote the hell out of the movie!

Make your favorite childhood meal

Trust us on this one. Making the world’s best grilled cheese sandwich, a bowl of mac and cheese, a PB&J or chicken nuggets sounds pretty good right now.

Get outside and play your favorite sport

There is not a better way to clear your mind from everything that is going on like shooting a basketball from 40 feet. A world without sports is too weird for comfort, so what better way to bring them back and have fun than by reenacting some of the best plays from some of your favorite players in your backyard!

Listen to your favorite songs from back in the day

Unless it’s “Baby Shark,” this should be a fun activity to bring out your inner child. Whether it’s “All Star” by Smash Mouth or “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan, this activity will surely help release the inner child within. If you want to take it a step further, hop on Zoom with your family and friends and have a makeshift sing along.

Take a drive to your favorite spots as a kid

Going for a drive is basically clinically proven to be a great stress reliever on its own. Going to your favorite spots as a kid will flood memories back, whether it’s a baseball field or your elementary schoolyard, or even driving by your old house.

Look through an old photo album

Looking back at the cringe-worthy Halloween costumes or the weirdest sleeping positions you will ever see, old photo albums are the easiest way to release some serotonin and laugh and reminisce with the whole family.