Your New Winter Wardrobe for 2022: Three Sustainable Habits to Start the Season

From oversized woolly jumpers to chunky leather platform boots, it’s easy to style classy and elegant outfits throughout winter. With the chaos of 2021 out of the way, there’s a new focus emerging this year on the environmental impact of our clothing. 

With the fashion industry accounting for a whopping 10% of global carbon emissions and almost 20% of wastewater, the question of sustainability has been brought to a head following last year’s concerning United Nations climate change report alongside conversations at COP26 in Glasgow.

In this guide, we’ll cover a few ways you can update your winter wardrobe to stay on-trend in the kindest possible way for the planet.

  • Choose your brands carefully

Top designer giants including Saint Laurent will introduce bans on real animal fur in 2022, prompting conversations on ethics and social responsibility in fashion – but you don’t have to look too far to find other brands trying to make a difference. 

Crocs, for example, are overhauling their original materials to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint per shoe, and mainstream brands including H&M offer separate lines within their range made from mostly recycled fabrics. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to prioritise your finances over opting for ethical brands, which can carry a heftier price tag.

It’s natural to question the ethical efforts of a large-scale, fast-fashion business, though, especially with a dangerous national ‘return culture’ allowing customers to wear outfits once before being shipped back to the retailer. So, what can we do at home to make our fashion choices more ethical?  

  • Upcycle and recycle

Some retailers offer recycling schemes, but they can be harder to source and organise. However, creating genuine, lovely new pieces by giving a little bit of attention to clothes you no longer wear is an exciting and creative approach to textile waste. 

Whether it’s adding a touch of dye to change the colour of a pair of jeans or turning an old sweater into a tote bag, you might be surprised once you’ve given a new lease of life to something initially destined for the bin.

  • Buy pre-loved

With the pandemic hitting leading retailers hard, there’s never been a better time to head to second-hand clothing platforms like Depop to find good-as-new pieces. If you’re feeling entrepreneurial, it’s even possible to start up a successful business using the app to sell on your own clothing or items picked up in a local charity shop. 

Through winter and into spring, try to find a way to recycle the clothes you no longer use. Whichever approach you take to sustainability in fashion this year, every effort to choose brands with an ethical conscience makes a difference. 

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