Why Was Formal Education More Important for Urban Americans Than Rural Americans?

Several ages ago there were fewer well-educated people. It’s due to the fact that not every person could get a formal education because of the lack of finance, educational resources, etc. Today, everyone can get at least the basic knowledge and skills, regardless of the location. Any American can ask for the professional writing help of essay experts from WriteMyPaperHub and gain the necessary knowledge with any academic subject. All you need is to ask someone to write a paper for you.

The innovative technologies have made it possible to get an education without the need to move anywhere. Before not everyone could afford to go to a large city and enter the university. Now, any rural American can subscribe to distance learning and get a certificate. However, the situation wasn’t always like this. Rural Americans didn’t have an opportunity to study in high educational establishments. Formal education is still more important for urban Americans than rural Americans but the situation has changed a bit. Check the main reasons why education was more essential for city inhabitants.

A High Demand for Specialists in Different Fields

 Urbanization has always affected education. Living in a large city, it is impossible to find a well-paid job without formal education.  People living in rural areas didn’t have to be well-educated to earn money. Most rural Americans were farmers. It was the main source of income that didn’t require formal education. What do you need education for if you have no jobs to choose from? Urban areas have always been full of jobs and opportunities. The competition for specialists in different fields was fierce. If a rural American wanted to lead a  decent life and earn a good profit monthly, he/she had to become a well-educated personality. 

New education establishments appeared where people could get not just basic knowledge and skills but become specialists in narrow fields. Life in the city is quite different from life in rural areas. The development of infrastructure was impossible without well-educated Americans.

The Lack of Resources for Education in Rural Areas

Few rural Americans understood the importance of formal education. They simply didn’t see any sense in racking brains for hours and studying different academic disciplines. Even if they did so, they could be farmers only as there were no other jobs that required any specific skills. Those rural Americans who wanted to get formal education couldn’t get it because they had to move to a large city. There were no colleges and universities in rural areas. 

All higher educational establishments were located in the city. There were few rural Americans who could afford to move to the city, live there, and get a formal education. Most rural inhabitants neither could afford this nor needed education for the life they led. If you wanted to earn money in a rural area, you had to be strong and hard-working as farming was the main source of money. There were no best-qualified teachers at schools as all of them worked in large cities. There were no opportunities to show how talented you were as there were no literary contests, competitions, etc. The parents knew that they had to teach their children how to work in the field and earn real money. Nobody explained to kids how important formal education was.  The children of rural Americans followed the example of their parents and couldn’t even think that they would ever need education.

The Level of Social Life

Formal education has always been important for employment in a large city. Do people need the education to get the guarantee of employment only or there was any other objective? Education affects the general level of erudition. Higher education primarily teaches not specialties, but where to find information and how to process it in order to learn a specialty on your own. This is one of the key skills for successfully adapting to changing living conditions. Of course, you can learn this without universities, but the college provides a good opportunity to do this in a short time. If you want to learn how to learn, a college degree will be helpful. Besides, higher education provides knowledge in general basic academic disciplines – psychology, philosophy, economic theory, sociology, law, conflict management. The basic knowledge of these subjects has always been essential for general development.

The typical life of a rural American was like this: he/she got up early in the morning and worked hard to do a living. The life of an urban inhabitant was quite different.  The city life was developing fast offering more and more opportunities. The status of education was changing quickly and became a must for every self-respecting person. You couldn’t enter any decent society if you didn’t graduate from either college or university. The city life wasn’t limited to work. There were different kinds of entertainment. The level of communication was higher. Everyone had to meet certain requirements of the society if he/she wanted to be surrounded by smart intelligent people. 

Rural Americans followed the example of their parents who valued education much and saw no other possible way of life than studying. Now, one can see the difference between the level of education in rural and urban areas. But today, more and more Americans understand how crucial it is to become a well-educated person, regardless of the place where you live. Many Americans migrate looking for better life quality and get an education in large cities. There are special programs for talented children from poor families who are welcome to get a scholarship for education.

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