Why Roulette is Called the Devil’s Game?

Gambling can be a fun hobby that encourages people to socialize and let their hair down after a long week at work. However, you must always gamble with caution and only use the money you are comfortable losing. 

It can be a slippery slope once you chase losses or spend more time gambling than you originally intended, so be mindful of this when partaking in a casino game.

Nowadays, the game is available online and even there is roulette crypto where people can enter using Bitcoin or other currencies. 

For many reasons, roulette is considered a cruel game and is also referred to as the devil’s game. This isn’t just down to the fact that you can theoretically lose all your money in a few seconds. Still, people highlight other reasons, which show why people consider it the devil’s game. 

This is for more reasons other than the ability to lose all your cash in an unforgiving, gut-wrenching manner. 

Generally speaking, all the games you can find on the casino floor will take your money if you play them too long. As the old saying goes, the house always wins. It is important to realize this when gambling and always keep your gambling ventures fun. 

If you find yourself in a position where you are chasing losses and becoming angrier at your luck running out, stop gambling and seek the help of somebody who can help you.

The mathematics behind the devil’s game moniker

Whilst losing more money than anticipated is a sickening outcome, there are other theories behind why roulette is referred to as the devil’s game. Interestingly, when added together, all the table numbers equal 666. This is commonly known and widely referred to as the number of the devil. 

Strangely enough, despite the game having this uncanny mathematical equation lingering over every spin and relying completely on luck with no strategy or skill involved, it still retains immense popularity. This is the case for casinos based online, as well as casinos that are based in physical buildings on the land. 

The reality is it is not that deep. It is a game designed with fun and entertainment at the forefront, and most players understand this. You are on a slippery slope if you see roulette as a potential income and not just a game of fun. 

If you are looking to play other casino games, such as blackjack or poker, there are techniques you can study and apply to your strategy to try and come up with a winning formula. 

The fact you cannot do this in roulette gives the devil’s game nickname a lot more weight. In a game where the house always wins, the house is the devil for many players! Always exercise caution when gambling on anything, whether it’s sportsbooks or casino games.


Whilst the theme of this article may have seemed slightly pessimistic and over the top, we wanted to highlight why it is known as the devil’s game. Suppose we extract the fact the game can be very cruel and unforgiving. 

In that case, the spooky mathematics that underpins such a popular casino game raises a few eyebrows. 

It is a fun fact to bring up if you’re stuck for conversation, too. For more superstitious players, this might cause them to avoid the roulette table completely. Others might just put it down to coincidence and continue to play without paying much attention. 

In any event, if you want to take a seat at the table and have a spin of the wheel, as long as you keep it fun and know when to stop, you shouldn’t have any concerns about the unsettling title it seems to have picked up for itself.