Why is everyone talking about Tufina watches?

German watches are especially unique, notorious for their quality and strict production protocols. The country has rightfully gained a well-respected place in the global watch market. If you’re interested in German watchmaking, you’ve probably come across many brands that offer different types of watches at a wide variety of price points. Today, we are going to analyze one of our favorite luxury watch brands – Tufina Watches.

This independent, family-owned company has been producing valuable timepieces for quite a long time and is a favorite among watch admirers who prefer high-end quality accessories at reasonable prices. Read on to find out how good Tufina watches actually are and what makes these timepieces so popular.


Tufina Theorema Oman GM-108-6.

Tufina Theorema Oman GM-108-6.

Characteristics of a high-quality watch

For a watch to be high-quality, it must first be produced by an established watchmaking company. Watches from the fast market will never amount to the quality of an authentic luxury watch. High-quality watches are made from the right case materials, precise movements, durable straps, and lenses, and they have a significantly hefty weight. Tufina watches are watches that score exceptionally well in terms of quality, accuracy, exclusivity, and visual appeal. They check all the boxes that define a high-quality watch. We’ll go into each of these aspects in more detail.

Case Materials

Inexpensive watches are usually made of plastic or 304L stainless steel, which is more prone to corrosion and appears darker in color. High-quality brands such as Tufina employ 316L stainless steel for their cases. This steel alloy boasts exceptional resistance to corrosion and is more difficult to manipulate. Some Tufina watches come with gold-plated cases that add to their shine since they will never discolor and overall value.


Every high-end brand is defined by the quality of their movements. These mechanisms are the beating heart of every watch, which is why all watch admirers and collectors place such great importance on this element. Tufina watches are made with mechanical or tourbillon movements in-house resulting in exceptional performance and durability. Since many of their models come with open casebacks, you can see the intricate details and impeccable polishing that is utilized in the making of these movements. Moreover, Tufina uses precious jewels to ensure minimal friction between the parts of their movements, significantly extending the movement’s longevity. Many collections are adorned with real diamonds.


Tufina Theorema Melbourne GM-124-4.

Tufina Theorema Melbourne GM-124-4.

Watch Strap

Many Tufina watches come with leather straps. These bands are made of real cow leather that preserves its shape while providing optimal comfort and amazing durability. If you take a closer look at the stitching, you’ll notice that the lines are even and smooth. Everything is in perfect symmetry, and the brand’s logo is always engraved on the inner part of the strap. This level of attention to detail is a defining quality of high-end brands that will do their best to convey a sense of exclusivity with their watches.


Cheaper watches are usually made with mineral glass lenses. On the other hand, high-quality timepieces are equipped with sapphire-coated lenses that are highly resistant to scratches. Tufina watches are built with a sapphire crystal lens. They really cut no corners when it comes to their choice of materials.


Tufina watches are made using the latest technologies and machineries. They incorporate their 200 years watchmaking tradition to it as well. This almost artisanal form of watchmaking ensures that each timepiece is made with great care by the hands of skilled and experienced watchmakers. Tufina focuses on a limited production of watches to guarantee this same level of quality for each timepiece. As such, their watches exhibit amazing craftsmanship and flawless finishing. You won’t see any unusual bumps, loose indices, or sharp edges in their timepieces. The polishing is executed perfectly, and each element contributes to the overall harmony of the watch.

Tufina Pionier Louvre GM-517-6.

Tufina Pionier Louvre GM-517-6.


One of the most striking elements that make a brand stand out from the rest of its competitors is their selection of designs. Tufina Watches is an extremely innovative brand that brings forth a plethora of visual aesthetics. They combine a traditional aesthetic with contemporary elements to deliver unique timepieces. They offer a wide variety of skeleton designs that are particularly fascinating thanks to the fine engravings used on the dials. Nevertheless, their watches remain timeless, perfect for sophisticated gentlemen as well as those with modern tastes.

Additional Functions and Features

Tufina goes the extra mile to provide watches with multiple functions so that their timepieces are as practical as they are gorgeous. In their collections, you will find a great selection of watches with a date indicator as well as full calendar timepieces. They offer plenty of dual-time timepieces, chronographs, as well as some distinct tourbillon models. Many of their timepieces come with luminous hands for better legibility in the dark.

Don’t forget, all their watches ship directly from Munich, Germany to your doorstep with UPS Express.