Why Do People Watch League of Legends Matches?

When Riot Games launched League of Legends in 2009, it was impossible to gauge the effect it would have on the fans of esports. However, a fantasy world that’s inhabited by a cast of imaginative champions has turned LoL into a magnificent success story. In 2018, the World’s final was watched by an unprecedented 99.6 million viewers who were enthralled by the highly competitive action.

Who Watches League of Legends?

Data analyzed by Statista has revealed the shape of a typical audience for LoL. On average, young men aged between twenty-five and thirty-four years of age form at least 40% of the audience. Around one-fourth of those watching fall into the age group between thirty-five and fifty-four years. A significant revelation is that only 18% of the audience is female. The majority of the audience is in an age group that is traditionally regarded as the most adventurous. It indicates LoL must have qualities that match their idea of excitement and suspense.

Free to Play

LoL first made an impact as one of the few games to be offered on a free to play basis. As a result, it immediately attracted a huge following. Players could enjoy a fast, action packed game full of interesting and unusual fantasy characters. They could also practice as much as they wanted without the problem of paying a subscription. When not attending tournaments, professional players maintain their skills by practicing between eight and ten hours every day. Consequently, the skill level in LoL is outstanding, providing audiences with spectacular combat events to watch.

Exciting Tournaments

Professional LoL gaming is highly structured. It consists of twelve worldwide regional leagues where audiences can follow the progress of their favorite teams for months. The competitive nature of LoL for players and audiences has been proven to be exciting, fun and incredibly entertaining. Matches have an aura of suspense as teams try to outwit each other to gain control of the battlefield.

Benefits of Watching LoL

Research carried out by Arkansas University discovered that watching video games for one hour stimulated the brain, providing it with an increased ability to focus. In a similar way, audiences generally feel energized and excited by watching entertainment LoL matches that are fast paced. The fantasy element of video gaming means the daring maneuvers of the characters are inevitably harmless to those playing or watching.


Adventure seeking audiences find the matches of League of Legends fulfills their expectation of excitiement. The free to play format has encouraged a wide pool of players to reach the highest level of skill in weapon handling, marksmanship and strategy. The prize money in LoL tournaments is an added incentive, making the matches some of the most competitive in esports gaming. Find out the current League of Legends schedule at 1337pro.com and discover the excitement of watching highly entertaining matches.

Photo by Stem List on Unsplash